Every dentist wants to continuously improve their dental practice. Simple things like updating a waiting room can make a big difference to a new patient. Improving the general impression of the dental office can help dentists gain a long list of loyal patients. Besides having a favorable bedside manner, it is equally important to make patients feel less anxiety. Here are a few ways dentists can improve patient care:

Allow patients to schedule their appointments online

According to research, nearly half of the dental patients surveyed said they prefer scheduling online appointments. One reason that people like to make online appointments is that they do not need to stay on hold while waiting for someone to answer the phone. Convenience and time matter to busy patients. Even if patients make their appointments via the dentist’s website, the staff can still send them reminder emails. The dental office can send automatic emails to patients asking them to confirm their appointments as well.

Remodel the waiting room

Some patients may decide to go to another dentist if a waiting room looks outdated or unsanitary. A contemporary waiting room can offer complimentary Wi-Fi connection, a few charging stations for cell phones, free coffee, and free bottled water. A dental office catering primarily to children could offer a mini play area. Dental patients are often nervous before they see their dentist. Accordingly, they want to wait in a waiting room that makes them feel comfortable.

Provide a Bluetooth speaker so patients can listen to their favorite songs

Patients who bring their cell phones to the office can connect to the provided Bluetooth speaker during their appointments. Some dental treatment rooms have televisions offering patients the chance to listen to music or watch movies during dental procedures. Children and young adults will be less anxious by playing online games. Making a patient feel at ease is one of the primary goals offered by a good dental office. Patients who feel nervous and agitated may find another dentist.

Send post-visit surveys via emails

Many patients want to voice their opinions. Whether on Yelp, social media platforms or via dental office surveys, patients have opportunities to let the public know what they think about the dentist and staff. Accurate and anonymous feedback surveys are often eye-openers about issues requiring improvement.