For most, cooking is not an easy skill to learn. From baking to grilling, it can all be a bit overwhelming to learn, especially if you’re doing it on your own. However, anyone can learn how to cook, even the most basic recipes. For those looking to improve the culinary skills, these tips can help get you started!

Knowing Your Ingredients

Before light up your oven or stove, every amateur chef needs to know where to get their ingredients from and what makes the pass or fail in a recipe. It’s essential to understand that some ingredients will be better than others in quality and, of course, taste. Take the time to go to your local grocery stores and familiarize yourself with what they have to offer. Talk with the butcher and baker to get some great tips for preparing your next recipe. 

It’s also important to always have certain ingredients in your kitchen if you want to be a better cook or home chef. Make sure you’re stocked with plain yogurt, canned beans, citrus, and sea salt, and fresh herbs are just the tip of the iceberg of what a chef should always have on hand.

Improving Knife Skills

To learn how to cook, you need to learn how to cut, slice, and dice like a pro. A lot of chopping goes into cooking, so make sure to improve your knife skills. These skills involve knife maintenance, how to hold a knife, and finally the different types of cuts you’ll be using. The different cuts your should practice are julienne, brunoise, chiffonade, batonnet, and baton. You’ll also need to know what kind of cut should be used for different recipes or ingredients. 

Cook Frequently 

When learning to cook as an amateur chef, practice makes perfect. If you have the opportunity to cook a meal for your friends or family, find a new recipe, or are just bored in your kitchen, get cooking. The more you cook and the more recipes you try, the more you will better your skills as a chef. Even just preparing the same dishes over and over can help you master and reinforce basic techniques. 

The main reason people believe they are a bad cook is that they do not cook often. Take the time to cook at least three times a week and see how much you improve as a chef.

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