The world of aesthetics and beauty is extremely competitive. In order to stand out from the masses, an aesthetics surgeon needs to go above and beyond in their industry and innovate the existing processes. Dr. Nina Bal is the perfect example of one such renowned aesthetics doctor who is changing the game. She has always harbored a deep appreciation for beauty, symmetry, and giving people transformations that they would cherish for a lifetime. Dr. Nina’s secret to success lies not only in the decades of academic work that she has under her belt but also in her unwavering spirit and motivation.

Dr. Bal has a fascinating life story. Born in a small town in the Italian Alps, she always knew that she wanted to pursue a career in aesthetics that would bring people joy. She moved to Milan alone at the age of 18, without any contacts or connections. “I didn’t know anyone who could help me jump-start my career. I knew that I had to do it all by myself, but that didn’t scare me; it motivated me,” she recalls.

Initially, Dr. Nina worked at a very successful family clinic in Italy, but she always knew that she wanted more. “I left a thriving clinic in Italy to move to London by myself. I had to start all over again, from the bottom. The first job that I got there was doing teeth-whitening at a dark, dingy clinic located in a basement. They were selling teeth-whitening on Groupon, and I was the one tasked with it. I didn’t see natural light for eight or more hours every day,” she says.

Starting over is scary, but Dr. Bal credits her mindset and motivation for her subsequent success. “The entire time I worked at that place, I knew that better days would come. I focused on my experience, knowledge, and client base, and my social media presence, too,” she says. No matter how stuck one may feel, they need to connect with their bigger goal and continue to persevere, just like Dr. Bal did. She let nothing slow her down; not the dingy teeth-whitening job, nor her two pregnancies. By remaining connected to her bigger perspective, she went on to not only improve her personal situation, but to build a dynamic and prosperous practice that is changing the industry.

Today, Dr. Nina is a well-known name. In 2017, she founded two facial sculpting clinics in central London, in Belgravia and Marylebone, respectively. Dr. Bal effectively went from working in a basement offering Groupon sales to being the founder and CEO of her very own business. “I’ve always had this burning passion to give beauty to others. This is why I never gave up, and really, for talented and dedicated people, the only way to fail is if you give up on yourself. As long as you don’t, you’ll make it,” she says, hoping to encourage others.

Dr. Bal has extensive experience in dentistry and facial aesthetics. She takes a holistic approach, where she looks at a client’s face as a whole, using the “golden ratio,” a principle based on symmetry that aesthetics doctors apply when they perform a procedure. Moreover, Dr. Nina’s methods are non-surgical. She performs various treatments that don’t involve any invasive methods, using only top-quality products to ensure that the final result is as organic as possible. Dr. Bal is a prime example of hard work and motivation paying off, and she hopes to inspire entrepreneurs to follow their dreams to completion and never give up, no matter the amount of hurdles they may have to go over along the way.