Dr. Steven Cyr, a popular orthopedic surgeon based out of the US, has over 20 years of experience in performing complicated surgeries around the spine. He is also a certified musculoskeletal expert and cosmetologist surgeon.

Dr. Steven Cyr always prioritizes the overall fitness and holistic well-being of his patients. Until now, he has performed extremely delicate surgeries on his patients—both men and women—with a high success rate.

In this article, Dr. Cyr shares his perspective on how to retain one’s overall fitness irrespective of age, gender, body shape, and personality.

“I believe you should eat healthily, indulge in daily workout sessions, and stay away from unwanted stress to look young and fit,” Dr. Steven Cyr explained.

Complete Your Eight Hours of Sleep

Sleep does the same thing to our bodies that a restart button on your PC does. Don’t skip your sleep. Once you finish your dinner switch off your gadgets and devices. Go to bed early, complete your sleep, and wake up fresh and rejuvenated.

“No matter what you do, an eight-hour of daily sleep is mandatory. Sleep doesn’t only enhance our metabolic system and rejig our blood vessels and nerves, but also help you look more attractive and fresh,” Dr. Cyr remarked.

People who don’t get adequate sleep may develop premature wrinkles and linings on their faces. Inadequate sleep is also related to a weakened immune system and other heart problems.

Look Into Your Plate

What we eat holds the key to our overall well-being. Our diet can have a big impact on our fitness and look. As we grow old, we should avoid certain foods, which are full of carbohydrates and fats.

“I recommend my patients to consume less sugar. It not only helps you stay away from diabetes but can also slow the aging process. You should increase the intake of whole grains instead of processed or synthetic food,” Dr. Cyr said.  

Processed foods are bad for the skin. They contain artificial colors, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals, which can adversely affect our skin.

Apply the Right Skin Cream

Today, markets are flooded with various makeups and creams. But many customers don’t know which product is perfect for them. Dr. Steven Cyr has his own skin-care products with the brand name CYRx MD Skincare. 

Beauty Treatment

Using skin care cream is the best way to reduce the lining on your face. You can even go for some cosmetic treatments with minimal surgical procedures after consultation with your corrective surgeon.

Dr. Steven Cyr is a renowned lipo surgeon and cosmetologist with years of expertise in handling sensitive patients. Steven Cyr is also proficient in reducing your age-related concerns while offering you an athlete-like figure.

Avoid Unwanted Stress

Stress has now become a part of our daily lifestyle. Everyone should stay away from unwanted stress and anxiety.

“I always advise my patients to not lose their sleep over thinking about something in which they don’t have any control. People tend to think a lot about various things, which are completely out of their hands. By indulging in stress and anxiety, people only tend to aggravate their health problems more,” Dr. Cyr stated.


If you follow the above tips, you can stay healthy, well, and fit. You will look a lot relaxed and fresh. Irrespective of your age and profession, you must start adhering to healthy lifestyle habits at the earliest.

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