In this day and age, becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business has never been easier. With YouTube tutorials on how to build a website, or create your own product or service, everything you need to begin is literally at your fingertips. What prompts many start-ups to fail before they even start to take off though is many new business owners simply focusing upon the technical aspects of creating a business.

A business cannot grow to success by simply having a great logo and killer ads. What it requires is nurturing, and the best way to do that is for the business owner to be fully conscious of both their thought processes and what they are trying to create.

Drea Guinto is a Yahoo! Finance Top Spiritual Business Coach that combines the magic of spirituality with business development to help soul-led entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses. She is the Owner and Founder of Soul Flow Co. – a collective of visionaries, healers, and light leaders who are ready to unleash their unique brilliance and turn them into a thriving, purposeful online business. 

Below, Drea explains her top 5 mindset shifts to help every business owner embrace what she calls the Inner Conscious Empowered Officer (CEO), so that they can purposely create and grow a successful business in full alignment and flow!

Be mindful of your language.

If you habitually call your business your ‘side hustle’, then it will always remain a side hustle. Instead, use words like ‘My Business’ or ‘My Brand’ to remind yourself and others that your business is legitimate and worthy of scaling.

Think like a beginner.

Though you may be an expert in your field, adopting a ‘Beginner’s Mindset’ means staying open to possibilities and challenging your assumptions. Coming from a place of curiosity means allowing yourself to think creatively and discover novel out-of-the box solutions that will make your brand stand out!

Ditch the all-or-nothing mentality.

Entrepreneurship is hardly ever black and white. And something you may think of as ‘bad’ may turn out to be ‘good’, and vice versa. When you get rid of the all-or-nothing mindset, you feel more empowered to take small progressive steps and dare greatly even in the unknowns of entrepreneurship!

Fail fast, and fail often.

Start to re-frame failure as feedback. Therefore, the more “failures” you experience, the more opportunities you have to learn. So, don’t be afraid to take messy action, and even if things don’t always turn out the way you had planned, treat those lessons as gifts both for business growth as well as personal growth.

Get in the habit of asking yourself — Are they my competition or motivation?

Scrolling through social media, it may seem your target market is overly saturated, and every other person is your competition. Instead of viewing similar brands as your personal competition, embrace them as your motivation. How can you show you up even more as your authentic self? How can you lean further into your unique value proposition? How can you explore your edges when it feels scary? Know that you are capable and worthy as you are, and you deserve to be seen by the world!

By implementing Drea’s mindset shifts into your daily practice, there is no doubt you will soon tap into your Inner CEO. By unlocking the power and wisdom that comes with this, you will soon be able to positively shift your thought processes, which is how you can best serve others through growing your business.