I’m never going to stray away from the notion that our clothes should be in complete sync with who and what we are. People who have the capacity and knowledge to do this demonstrate such a balance between character and wardrobe; both subjects merge together to form a perfect relationship that tells a wonderful story.

There is a reason why many people dress their clothes with such eloquence. When you see this type of individual, your basic inclination is to observe and evaluate how they dominate their space with these kinds of grace as well as ease — a human coupled with clothes, and a reflection of cohesive self-confidence. This is something you’re looking at and wishing for yourself.

Your choice of clothing should showcase your personality:

If you’re a vibrant, free-spirited lover of art, you’re likely to lean heavily to the same vibe clothing. It would seem out of sync to see a person living this type of lifestyle in a severe navy blue suit, a conservative blouse and sensible pumps. You have so many stores at your disposal that can help you pass on your true message through your clothes. Make sure you buy in retail outlets that emanate your lifestyle and character.

 Wear stuff that perpetuates your key qualities of course:

I absolutely adore my legs, as an instance. I feel like they are one of my sexiest parts of the body. So I’ve always been a huge admirer of off-the-shoulder, race driver-backs, halters as well as other design elements that allow us to show the whole area. If you enjoy your legs then show them off by all means! You project energy to the onlookers when you feel good in the clothes you wear, which causes us to step up and take note.

Bring colors that showcase your essence to radiate your reality:

According to an article online that recognizes color in terms of personality — perhaps there is a link between some hues and types of temperament. I am very keen on the idea of green and yellow shades, for myself. I found my connection with the colors is aligned with my character after viewing the descriptions on the website. Do I wear every day these colors? No, I am not, but I clearly understand why I am so emotionally attached to them.

Dress up with clothing with wardrobe that intertwines your soul:

We also connect with specific fabrics in the same way that we are drawn to certain color combinations. I find my biggest inspiration coming when I’m linked to nature, so naturally I prefer to wear non-man-made fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, woolen and many more.

Choose the clothing which engulfs your body’s natural shape:

I understand what maybe you’d think — I don’t really want my body shape enveloped by anything. Trust me when I say that if your muscular body isn’t precisely the way you’re hoping, then wearing oversized and rigid clothes will yield different response. Choosing shapes that ripple, flow and move with your natural form is far more vibrant than wearing clothes which will add more bulk.

The objective is to be at tranquility with your wardrobe and just not feel like you have to fight what’s hanging in your closet. The ideal wardrobe should be an extended version of who you are; otherwise you will always feel less vibrant, leading to a crazy desire to rework your clothing and accessories.

Story by Della Boutique for classy outfits.