So you are in the midst of trying to go for a promotion at work. How do you plan on preparing for the upcoming interview and promotion? In addition to updating your resume and perhaps even taking a course on resume writing for professionals, there are some other things to consider when trying to climb the corporate ladder. 

We’ve all heard the terms, “dress for success”, and “dress for the job you want, not the job that you currently have”. They may sound cliche, but studies actually show that following these simple strategies for success will land you that coveted promotion at work. You never know when you will need to make a positive impression on people, so it is essential that you dress and present yourself in a professional manner to ensure that you can seize additional opportunities for career success. 

Making sure that you adhere to the dress code for your specific workplace is essential for continued success and career advancement. Getting ready for your next career move, and forward advancement, will be simple if you follow these simple tips: 

Be Prepared 

Planning your outfits the night before can eliminate a frustrating morning as well as a frumpy outfit. Planning ahead will also give you a sense of confidence that you will be well put together for the following day. Put your best foot–and best shoe–forward consistently, and you will communicate the message that you take your work seriously. 

For Goodness Sake, Buy An Iron! 

Your appearance communicates your attitude about life; if you come to work rumpled and unkempt, you communicate the message that you do not prioritize your work life. Take an extra five minutes and iron your blouse, jacket or shirt, and you’ll be taken much more seriously when you show up looking sharp! 

Dress Like A Boss 

Study the fashion habits of people in positions above you–and emulate their fashion choices, within reason. If your boss regularly indulges in jeans and button-down shirts, follow “suit”. Beware of this imitation when you see quirky habits like golf ties and Bart Simpson socks; your fashion flattery might be a bit too obvious. 

If you’re not sure where to start, you can’t go wrong with choosing classic accessories that show you should be taken seriously. Items such as mens watches, ties, and a nice belt will portray that you are confident and professional.

Don’t Forget The Shoes 

Pairing a three-piece suit with a scruffy, worn out pair of shoes is not a good idea. Putting the finishing touches on your outfit with a little bit of polish and flair lets people know that you are a force to be reckoned with. 

When In Doubt…..Overdress 

There’s no need to pull out a tuxedo or full-length gown for a regular day at the office, but dressing for success includes looking your best at all times. After all, you never know when that important client might be flying into town for an impromptu meeting, so make sure you are ready for anything. 

Quality Over Quantity 

Most of us do not have a clothing allowance as part of our work expectations; buying a few quality pieces that mix and match with other items in your closet will give you lots of wardrobe options, and you can rotate through various looks before starting your work wardrobe pieces all over again. 

Stay Conservative To Be Taken Seriously 

Less does NOT equal more–especially if you want to be taken seriously in the workplace. Stick to conservative pieces that cover most of you, and don’t be too revealing when choosing clothing. Items that are too tight or too revealing are considered unprofessional; leave those pieces in your closet for your next hot date. 

Comfort Is Key To Productivity 

There is nothing worse than a day at the workplace in clothing that is uncomfortable or that doesn’t fit well. We all function better in clothes that we feel comfortable in; wearing items that make us feel good gives us an extra boost of confidence, which in turn increases our productivity. 

Dare To Add Some Color 

Gone are the days when black, white, and gray were the colors of the workday. Adding a pop of distinctive color or a unique pattern on a piece of clothing sets you apart from the rest of the pack. Flaunt your little bit of flair and stand out boldly in your fashion choices; use these choices to advance your career by getting you noticed. 

Be Yourself 

Expressing your own unique sense of style is the best way to feel confident about yourself, and this will translate over into the way that you do your work. Your fashion choices will express your own unique personality and the unique talents and abilities that you bring to the table in your position, making you stand out from the rest of the office.