Drew Lauinger is a digital native who grew up with a smartphone, internet, and digital platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat and many more. While these platforms were created to connect to people and entertain, Drew tapped into its potential as a commercial marketplace for brands and businesses to advertise their products and services to their targeted audience who uses the app. That is how 19-year old entrepreneur Drew changed the way marketing is done.

Marketing previously was spending huge costs for campaigns, billboards, television advertisements, and videos while getting slow conversions, even less. A lot of brands and businesses are still doing this today and that’s what they’re missing out on. With Drew and his company, they have figured out a way to maximize conversions with just little inputs. How do they do this? Through tapping social media influencers, this makes social media marketing so easy.

Nowadays, companies turn to Instagram and other digital platforms to advertise since they are seeing huge returns on their investments. Marketing like before has now been long gone. Brands and businesses are saving up to 70% of the advertising budget and getting more returns than the usual traditional marketing. It’s not just cost-efficient, it’s also time-efficient. Brands are able to get their returns through website traffic, real-time online purchases and so much more. That’s where Drew comes in.

Drew makes sure his clients get the value for their money and he hasn’t failed them since. What’s impressive with the services that Drew is offering is the success of his clients. Drew has already helped clients across more than 100 businesses to grow their brand, collectively generating over $1 million in sales.

Drew Lauinger had already generated $500 thousand dollars in e-commerce revenue and over $1 million in profit through social media marketing.

Since Drew started this business, he amassed over 20 million followers on Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat over the last four years. While he’s growing this side of the business, Drew is currently focused on expanding his current ventures, and launching new businesses.

With the kind of services that Drew is pioneering, more and more marketing agencies are pivoting fast so that they wouldn’t be missing out on something big. However, Drew is confident that he and his team have already figured out this social media growth hack and marketing that they expect more brands and businesses coming in.

If you want to get to know Drew and his team, visit his website at drewlauinger.com.