As a dominant force on the infamous social media app Instagram, Jaime has made a place for herself amongst the influencer community in Dubai. With her formal education and work history in photography and video production, she has developed her social media accounts to, among other things, include makeup tutorials and interactive educational content. We asked Jaime to give us her top tips on how she maintains a low stress environment on her accounts.

Who You Follow is Crucial

The accounts that you follow on social media are what you see and hear every day. Be aware that if you are following accounts that make you feel sad, insecure, jealous or generally negative, you are welcoming that stress daily, and it can really add up. There’s 100% nothing wrong with unfollowing accounts that don’t spark creativity or bring you joy. And remember, if you MUST follow an account for business purposes, just mute them and you’re all set. This works for both Instagram and Facebook.

Consider What You Post

Too often we have seen jobs compromised and relationships ended due to what we post on social media. Sometimes it’s best to consider that anyone could see what you post, from your boss to your parent-in-law, to the authorities. Consider if what you’re posting is positive, supportive or helpful.

Don’t Let It Be First or Last

You might not want the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night to be activity on social media. At this point, there are sure to be countless studies about the negative effects of screen time but let’s just say that it negatively affects your sleep and over time, that can cause added stress to you both personally and professionally.

Scroll with Purpose

Keep in mind that social media can suck you in like a black hole and make any rational person find themselves going from having a purpose to being very, very lost. Try to maintain a mindful state when you’re inside these apps and know that once your mission is complete, it may be wise to put the phone down.


It might be clever to consider turning off the notifications coming from all of these applications. They can interrupt meetings, conversations, and private moments not to the mention added moments of stress throughout the day, making one think they’re missing out on something potentially important. Removing or limiting notifications can also save you some battery life. Bonus!

Value Isn’t a Number

With the new implementation of hidden likes and video views on Instagram, there are already steps being taken to limit the ability for users to value themselves and their content based on a number. Though the Instagram app is still in its test phase, many consider it a bold move and a major talking point in this debate over the negative mental health effects of social media. But there is more we can do on the personal level. Keep in mind that the number of likes and views you receive on your content does not directly relate to the quality of the content.

Take Breaks + Monitor Screen Time

Remember there is a real-world out there and it deserves your attention. Online relationships cannot nourish you like those you have in the “real world”. Limiting your screen time or even just taking a break can be the best medicine.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

There are a lot of apps out there, and they’re all so fun, though only ever so slightly different. Focus on the ones that expand your creativity and bring you joy. All those other apps can hit the road. And just think, after you have deleted them, you’ll feel relief and have more room on your phone.