Dylan Sigley was born in a small town in New Zealand before going into $60,000 of debt to get his master’s degree from Victoria University of Wellington. After struggling with the idea of corporate life he decided to take the leap into starting his own online business and after making every mistake in the book, Dylan Sigley found a few strategies that worked extremely well allowing him to build multiple drop servicing businesses driving 6-Figures while travelling the world living a life of freedom.

Today, Dylan Sigley currently lives in Krakow, Poland where he runs the Drop Servicing Blueprint teaching entrepreneurs from all walks of life how to go from nothing to starting, growing, and automating their own online businesses step-by-step with the most results getting online business course and community in existence.


Why did you decide to create your own business?

Growing up there was that dream of starting something for myself but I really bought in to the path that society had laid out for me. I did everything they told me to do. In my early years I was just doing enough to get by, even though I knew I had big dreams, I didn’t take control of them, I just assumed that somewhere in the future they would fall into my lap. There was so much fear for me going after that dream of starting something for myself but I kept procrastinating and putting it off into the future. Society tells us we need to go to university to get a good education, so that’s what I did, I went and got my bachelor’s degree.

After it was over, I was offered a job as a management trainee at one of the big corporate hotel chains, but I deferred that job, knowing it wasn’t really what I wanted, working for someone else. I knew I wanted to start a business, and saw one of these courses that teach you online business at the time. Initially I thought it was some kind of scam but after doing more research and looking at every review I could find it became apparent that it was really possible to do this. That’s when the seeds of this online business dream really germinated. But being me, I procrastinated taking action by refusing the job and refusing to join the course. I decided to stay studying towards my Masters, which was really just a way of avoiding my dreams completely, so knowing I was deferring and procrastinating on my dreams it built up a lot of tension for me.

This all came to a head when I had graduated from my master’s degree and again was faced with the decision of getting a real corporate job or taking a chance and jumping into the online business course. So that’s when I knew I had no other choice then to decide to start my own business because knowing it’s what you want and putting it off for so long had just built up so much tension around the idea that I just had to do it. That’s what started me on the path of drop servicing.

What do you love most about the industry you are in?

I’ve always been in love with the idea of being able to go from nothing to something. The ability to generate as much freedom as you want in your life as you’re willing to go out and take is what made me fall in love with online business and drop servicing. The awesome thing about it is we can go out there with an idea, starting from nothing, and build one of these drop servicing businesses at such a low cost then quickly build them to a respectable level. Though, on top of the ability to start it with even no money invested, and grow it very quickly, you can also automate the business with people and software so you only need to work on the business a few hours a week for example. That’s beautiful to me, because anyone around the world that wants to start a drop servicing business can, as there’s no financial or knowledge barriers for someone who really puts their mind to it. I get to see on a day to day basis normal people just like me starting their drop servicing businesses and getting the lifestyle they always dreamed of which gives me more satisfaction than I had getting it for myself in the beginning. That’s what I love about drop servicing.

What keeps you motivated?

We only get one life so if we love to live and live to love what we do then we never run out of motivation. For me it’s the vision I have of the future that wakes me up every day full of energy and ready to work on that dream. In the beginning what motivates you as an entrepreneur is the potential for creating your own freedom and lifestyle. Once you’ve got that it’s awesome but you lose that motivation to keep building at a certain level, that was me while I was in travel mode partying it up. The big game changer for me came when I started to see the results of my work teaching others how to achieve that same freedom in my life. This is because I know what a major impact building a drop servicing business had on my life, then I see if impacting my current students the same, so for me it’s about how can I make the course and community better so my students get even more results. I think that desire to get my students success is what’s lead to the Drop Servicing Blueprint course being the most results getting online business course and community out there.

How has your company grown from its early days to now?

My drop servicing businesses have grown in many phases over the years. In the beginning I was handling everything myself except the delivery of the service so that I could keep most of the profit, so I was doing all of the sales calls, lead generation, ad buying, project management and everything in between. Next, I started to slowly automate things with people and software because if you’re stuck working in the business you can’t work on the business. So, I automated the rest of the business piece by piece, first the project management, then the lead generation, ad buying, and sales process from start to finish. At this stage everything is fully automated so I was able to really just open the laptop each morning, check that sales were still flowing in, then go on whatever adventure I was off to next. After a while that got boring and I started teaching others how to build these drop servicing businesses and the Drop Servicing Blueprint course was born. So now my drop servicing businesses really just exist to test and develop all of the latest strategies and tactics to teach my students and maximize the results they get in the blueprint course.

How do you maintain a solid work life balance?

I’m of the belief that you need to go all in on whatever phase you’re at in life. Usually you’re going to be building to reach a goal which is where an intense work mode comes into play. During these intense work modes, I’ll have a Google Sheet tracking each and every waking days tasks and habits. I’ll follow a strict diet and exercise regimen on a daily basis, as well as minimizing any focus diminishing habits such as TV, video games, junk food, and alcohol but maximizing focus building habits meditation, clean eating, cold showers, reading, exercise, stretching. On top of this I block out all distractions so that means to social media our communications technologies during work. So, everything during these work phases is completely focused on maximizing my own personal yield in work.

Now, I’m not like that all of the time of course, once a build phase is over and you’re happy with whatever goal you’ve reached you can then simply focus on maintaining the level you’ve reached. This is where you enjoy the spoils of your work phase and focus on maximizing the enjoyment you get out of life going completely hedonistic if you like. I don’t think it’s best to try balance work and life on a daily basis, because then you don’t get the most out of either. For me splitting my life into phases means I get the most out of the time I invest into what I’m focused on by going all in.

What suggestions do you have for someone starting in your industry?

Starting a drop servicing business can be pretty daunting because off course when you first get into it you have no knowledge around how to do it. Whenever I go after something in any field the first thing, I do is make sure it’s what I want to do and that it’s possible. I read every case study out there to make sure the entire business concept legit and not some kind of scam. Next, once I determine its legitimate I go out there and acquire the best information I can find in the form of coaching, books or a course that will help remove the fog of war from the map so I can get the answers to the thousands of questions that come up along the journey. Once I have all of the knowledge ready to deploy, I create a plan of action breaking down the goals into objectives and tasks that I can review and complete on a daily basis. Once the plan is in place, I then focus on acting and implementing that plan. So my suggestion is always to find a blueprint to what you’re looking to do if you can so you don’t need to figure it all out alone as that can take years instead of weeks or months, that’s what I’ve always done and still do to this day.

What has been the hardest obstacle you’ve overcome?

The biggest obstacle we all face in life is pretty pervasive across the board in my experience and it’s no different for me: procrastination. Our problem as humans is we’re focused on minimizing the time and energy we invest into anything. That was a great way of approaching things in our history because it meant we maximized our efficiency and minimized risks which increased our survival. Today, we are in a pretty safe and abundant society, times are better than they’ve ever been no matter what the media will have you believe. This tendency to be lazy is a major obstacle because it’s just our way of being, it’s who we are inherently. Though, because there’s no longer any evolutionary pressure on us to go out there and hunt down our prey to provide for our families we don’t have any reason not to procrastinate. So, the answer to this obstacle is to put the evolutionary pressure on yourself. Choose a goal in life, attach as much pain as you possibly can to failing to achieve that goal, and attach as much pleasure as possible to the attainment of it, then remind yourself every day why you must have that goal right now, and only when the pain of not taking the steps towards that goal outweighs the pain of sitting on the couch and watching your life pass you by will you take action. So I recommend to anyone struggling with procrastination or not doing as much as they can to sit down and write a declaration of why they must reach their goal, and be very specific about that goal, what will happen if you don’t get it, how will you feel, what will happen if you do get it, how will you feel, and only then will you build up enough pressure to overcome that obstacle on a daily basis.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

The biggest problem for me before starting my drop servicing businesses was having all of this drive and motivation but no vehicle to power with it. Without the map it can feel impossible to know how to navigate the territory. So that was a really painful place to be for me, not knowing the actual step-by-step of building an online business. Then when I learned there were courses that provided that map I soon figured out that it was like searching for a needle in a haystack, for every legitimate course there are 9 scams, everywhere I looked for the map I’d find a scam. I must have looked at every review out there when it came to these online business courses.

After sifting through hundreds of courses and looking at many reviews, I felt I had found the one. So, I paid $5000 for this course, the one I thought would be amazing, and it turned out to be extremely basic and full of fluff with maybe a few useful things. This meant it took me a lot more time and effort to get success then it would have. So the pain of knowing how important having a course is to get started with your first business yet seeing most of what is available is a scam or mediocre at best, I was always really resentful towards the industry and knew there had to be others out there like me.

For years I had this in the back of my mind, how messed up the online business course industry was, and frankly I didn’t ever think Dylan Sigley could have a course, putting my name out there in the market next to the many scams out there seemed like a horrible idea. This idea of creating the most detailed, step-by-step, evolving, based on my real businesses, results getting drop servicing course and community for new entrepreneurs wanting to start an online business really came from all of that pain in my early business years. I was dedicated to creating the very best product on the market and because I build and run successful online businesses plus I consume all of these courses I knew what the best product should look like, that was we’re the inception of the Drop Servicing Blueprint came from.

It should have every step-by-step and click-by-click tutorial you need as well as all of the templates for what to say and do at every step so you simply follow the checklist and you end up with a working business. It should be constantly refined and improved so you end up with the pure results getting drop servicing strategies and tactics. I’d need to use my own businesses as drop servicing laboratories gathering all of the information needed to give my students the most results in the industries with the latest strategies and tactics. So putting together this recipe and launching it I couldn’t of imagined the response I’d get from the community, which were all extremely positive, but more importantly my students get more results than from any other course out there which for me is my greatest accomplishment, the Drop Servicing Blueprint, and I’m only just getting started.

What is the biggest life lesson you have learned?

“Wherever you go, there you are” – I’m a real type A personality so I’m extremely aggressive in tackling my goals and achieving them as fast as I can, it’s just my nature. The problem with this is you get lost in the striving for success, so you forget to stop and smell the flowers. We tend to think that by getting more stuff and achieving more goals we’ll be happier and it’s not true. I thought I’d feel different sitting on a beautiful white sand beach in Thailand with clear blue skies and ocean views to sitting in my small apartment in Wellington or living at my mom’s house hustling to build my first sales, but I didn’t. The biggest lesson from my journey has been that no matter what goals you achieve or where you end up you’re going to feel the way you do now because you will still have the same mindsets and beliefs you have now. So rather than focusing on external goals and things for your happiness, find that happiness in yourself and enjoy the journey because 99.9% of life is made up of that journey, the pleasure filled destinations are fleeting. You need to accept yourself for who you are and be happy in that in order to genuinely enjoy the process and successes you find along the way. It’s really about balancing between complete acceptance and enjoyment of the moment and aggressively driving towards your goals.

Where do you see you and your company in 5 years?

At this point the Drop Servicing Blueprint course and the ‘Dylan Sigley’ brand are in fully entwined so I’m going wherever the blueprint goes, this course is really my life’s work, and I’ll continue improving it to keep it the top shelf drop servicing course on the market, if our reviews and results are any indication we’re already there but I’m not here to win by 1 point, I really want to set a record that can’t be beat, the gold standard course and community when it comes to building a business from scratch. So, I’ll keep working on it every day, working on my drop servicing businesses, developing more strategies, tactics, templates, and systems for the Drop Servicing Blueprint course and community. Building upon our insane success so far to see what level we can get this product to, so that we can get the rest of the industry up to scratch.