It has long beenFlow State Training Program recognized that yoga and meditation are excellent ways to achieve inner peace and for us to get connected with our higher consciousness. Science has also recognized the value of fine tuning the stimulation of the 7 energy centers within the body, or the 7 Chakras as they are better known. Of course yogis and meditation masters have practiced chakra meditation throughout the ages, and have reaped consequent spiritual peace and enlightenment, together with improved mental and physical health. In our modern world full of stress and rush, many believe that it is more important than ever to learn these skills and to find a place of peace within ourselves to help us cope with our busy lives.

The chakras are spaced vertically within the body from head to toe, and if these energy centers are stimulated and balanced precisely, the effect is to produce powerful energy which is said to be vital for our well being. However for a successful outcome each chakra must be stimulated at the precise frequency, and unless you are a meditation expert with many years experience, this level of precision will not be possible for you. Fortunately all is not lost because your brain can now be gently guided with binaural beats recordings, which have been precisely calibrated to stimulate each of the 7 chakras. This enables us to achieve the results in minutes that most meditation masters have practiced for many years to attain.

The binaural beats chakra meditation recordings produce the required frequency levels encouraging the chakra energy centres to work at great speed and the result is to feel a tangible flow of energy and ecstasy.

Some users of the recordings have said that they can feel each chakra up and down their bodies being individually stimulated which is indeed an experience of deep meditation. This amazing energy serves to clear our negative emotions, and protect our mental and physical health into the future. You will be so peaceful and totally refreshed and energized after such an experience.