If you are a DIY aficionado, then the holiday season is a great time to spruce up your house. Small, manageable projects are perfect for making you feel productive in a short period of time. Instant gratification about completing a job well-done is magnified by all the oohs and aahs you will get from holiday visitors. Here are a few easy ideas that will make a huge difference.

The kitchen is the center of attention for most social gatherings. Aside from being the point of focus during the meal prep, it’s a relaxing space for people to unwind and set aside other worries. Small improvements, therefore, make a huge difference when it comes to livening it up. A kitchen backsplash is an interior design element that is trending as one of the most talked about conversation pieces in a kitchen. Some of the current favorites are materials like natural stone, tile, and glass. 

Even if cabinets and appliances stay the same, having a new backsplash can give everything around it a whole new appearance. However, if your cabinets are looking a little drab, a fresh coat of paint can also do wonders. This is true for almost any wall in your home. Instead of a time-consuming and costly remodel, fresh paint is like a youthful facelift. In addition, new cabinet knobs, handles and drawer pulls are all underestimated accessories, just like upgrading light fixtures. It’s a small project with an impressive payoff. A thorough cleaning of all your appliances is another way to bring new life into a kitchen. In general, a deep cleaning of all areas where company will be visiting is recommended if you want guests to feel comfortable.

Another room your guests will be frequenting is the bathroom. While they may be small in size, they can be upscaled with a few easy touches. Fresh paint on the walls, new hardware on the door, upgraded faucets and light fixtures will make your guests feel like they’re being pampered at a luxury resort.

Before people even set foot into your home, they are already evaluating it from outside. Never underestimate the power of impressive curb appeal. Talk to a landscaper for tips and apply the same techniques as you did inside. Upgrade light fixtures and thoroughly clean and sweep the yard and driveway, and also put fresh paint wherever needed. 

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