Better habits, lifestyle changes and healthy eating are all things that many of us aspire to stick to every year – but often they are forgotten come 1st February or ditched in the lows of a national lockdown.

So how about trying some clever technology that you can wear, stick to devices or place around the home as a way to help to switch up your sleep and to get your wellbeing back on track? 

Forget crash diets and hitting the gym (either physically or virtually), this year more than ever our goals need to be focused on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. And stress relief, sleep solutions and energy boosters are at the top of the nation’s wish list for 2021.

There are two innovative ways to achieve better sleep and improved energy without having to start a gruelling new regime or hard to stick to habits!

The events of the past year have impacted the way we view our health. Whilst some people pledge to use lockdowns as a time to lose weight, get fit and transform themselves physically, the reality is that the stresses, strains and uncertainty of the ever-changing pandemic have left us feeling lethargic, sluggish and struggling to sleep.

According to a recent mental health and wellbeing report by Public Health England, self-reported mental health and wellbeing issues (including anxiety, stress and depression) have significantly worsened during the pandemic. This is especially the case in younger adults and women.

As a consequence of the journey that we are navigating through Covid, many people have realised the importance of the very foundations of health and wellness and in 2021 are focusing on more natural ways to restore their energy, stress levels and sleep more soundly.

But did you know that handy frequency technology discs that work in a natural way with our bodies can help to achieve better sleep and improved energy?

INNOVATIVE NEW SLEEP AID: Tackling the invisible sleep gremlins

For anyone struggling to sleep, common advice such as a relaxing wind down routine, pre-bed digital detox, meditation, switching your evening wine for a warm milky drink and using essential oils can all go a long way to getting you in the right frame of mind for a night of rest, however there is more you can do to promote better sleep.

You may not realise but our always-on, non-stop lifestyles and reliance on wireless technology can mean that come bedtime we’re in need of a little re-balancing. The latest natural sleep aid which can help tackle the sleep disturbances that you can’t see is called sleepDOT™. Utilising frequency harmonising technology, this is a natural solution which encourages our bodies to retune and rebalance by emitting a clever mix of soothing vibrations.

Placed near your head when you sleep, sleepDOTs invisible vibrations encourage your brain to slow to the theta and delta frequencies – the slowest frequencies of the brain, associated with relaxation, meditation and deep, dreamless sleep. Users have reported their sleep has been transformed – sleeping more soundly and deeply after just a few days.

FREQUENCY HARMONISER: For Re-energising from within

With better sleep comes better energy but if only it was as easy as that. Waking up every morning with a spring in your step is the sum of many parts – a healthy balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, exercising, reducing toxins such as alcohol and processed food. All of these are common health goals but there could be something else at the root of your lethargy.

With so much going on in our lives, more and more of us are experiencing electro-stress which can manifest itself in lack of motivation sluggishness and headaches. Sometimes the only way to get our energy levels back on track is to remind our body of its optimum state. Wearing a bioDOT natural energy booster releases natural frequencies to support the body’s biofield. Programmed with natural energy, the clever magnetic disc uses the process of entrainment, to release natural frequencies to that help you feel calmer, more focused and more energised.