Employee wellbeing in the workplace has never been more important than now. But what exactly does employee wellbeing mean?

Employee wellbeing in the workplace can be defined so many ways. However, you might say it has to do with employee health and happiness when at work.

In this article, we’ll go over a few elements of what employee wellbeing at work looks like.

It Starts with the Office Environment

The office environment includes everything in the office, such as the office layout, the organization of the space, and more. The environment of the office has a direct impact on employee health and happiness. Studies have shown that a poor office environment can lead to an increase in employee turnover, absenteeism, and more.

Here are some things that can have a beneficial impact on employees in the office:

Natural light: studies have shown that natural light not only improves employee productivity it can also boost mood, increase energy levels, and more. In addition, employees who have plenty of exposure to natural light during the day sleep better at night. This means they are more rested and healthier in the long run.

Incorporate plants: having plants in the office is another way to improve employee wellbeing. Plants put us in touch with nature and provide some external stimulation for our brains. They help to calm and soothe the brain, too. The result is a more relaxed environment, with happier employees.

Open or closed layout: that’s a good question. There’s been much discussion on the pros and cons of both types of layouts. Ultimately, you have to choose the one that works best for your company and employees. One problem with open-plan offices is the lack of privacy, which can cause distraction. On the other hand, an open layout promotes more visiting and collaboration. Closed office layouts, on the other hand, are more private and quiet. This can help employees to stay focused and on-task. However, this type of layout is also more challenging when it comes to collaboration and teamwork.

Ergonomics: does your office make use of ergonomic office furniture? If not, then employees could be facing an increased risk of repetitive injuries. This can lead to an increased need to be away from work, surgeries to correct injuries and more. Instead, choose to go with ergonomic furniture and equipment to reduce the chance of painful injuries.

Temperature: do you keep the office at a comfortable, regulated temperature? If not, then employees may find it difficult to concentrate. When someone is feeling too hot or too cold, it’s difficult to focus on work and stay productive. However, when everyone is comfortable, then it’s much easier to stay on-task and get more done.

Add some color: another way to perk up the office environment and employees is to add some color! Colors should be in keeping with your company and industry; however, colors will help keep employees invigorated and engaged.

Branding: be sure to include your company’s personality in the office environment. This means to include some of your company’s culture and branding in the office. This helps employees to feel connected to the company and to one another. They’re all working together for a common goal. Plus, including some branding can make the office more of a fun place to work!

Health & Fitness in the Office

Now, let’s take a look at ways to keep employees healthy and fit, which works to reduce illness and cut down on absenteeism. What’s more, staying active also gives a boost to productivity.

Contribute to gym memberships: this is a valuable perk to provide employees. Make a monthly contribution to a monthly gym membership, exercise & fitness classes, and even sports teams. This is a great way to foster exercise and a healthy lifestyle. If your company’s large enough, it may even be possible to build an on-site gym on the premises.

Cycle to work scheme: another way to promote employee fitness is to set up a cycle to work scheme. This is a program that encourages employees to cycle to work rather than driving. Not only will they be healthier, but they’ll also save the environment at the same time.

Provide health snacks & foods: do you have a cafeteria at the office? Then why not make sure they serve healthy foods, too? It’s possible to offer salads, fruits, veggies, low-fat dressings, healthy sandwiches, and more.

Provide free fruit: this is another great option—provide a free fruit bowl in the office! This is a cost-effective way to promote healthy eating at work. Replace junk food with some great fruit options, and you’ll see employees perk up right away!

Gamify health & fitness: turn fitness into a game or even a competition! You can have cycle challenges that use an exercise bike. Employees can have bike challenges on their breaks to see who can go the farthest and the fastest. What great fun! It’s also possible to track their fitness activities through wearable tech, such as a smartwatch. See who can walk the farthest and more. Have prizes for those who go the farthest. This will encourage participation by more employees.

Start an office sports team: this is another fun way to get employees active and fit. You can set up a sports team such as football, netball, hockey, and more. There are many sports that are conducive to the workplace. For a large company, it may even be possible to set up more than one team and then have tournaments between the teams.

Encourage charity events: another way to get employees moving and fit is through charity events. These can include anything such as the Race for Life or Tough Mudder. It will be necessary to train for these events, increasing fitness levels along the way. And what’s even better, the events will benefit others in need. This builds confidence and a better feeling about oneself, which would be a great benefit for employees.

As you can see, there are many ways to make the workplace environment better for employees. Not only that, but also encouraging fitness and better health can also work to boost self-confidence, happiness, and job satisfaction. The end result can be healthier, happier, more productive employees. Wizu Workspace provides energising offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms in the North of the UK.