Today I want to talk with you about the eating behavior under stress ?.

Under stress there exist two eating behaviors:

❗ The stress eater and the no eater.

The stress eater eats everything without thinking about it.
Chocolate and junk food or something like that.
This isn’t very helpful in the context of chronicle stress .

The non eater can’t eat anything under stress. His stomach feels like a stone and he isn’t hungry.

Both eating behaviors are contra productive. ?

We have to eat healthy to support our body. It’s very important to find our healthy eating routines to reach a complete wellbeing.

? To eat food containing magnesium in the evening can support the cortisol breakdown.

Please avoid alcohol and drugs to support your body by his processes.

Love Stephanie

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Its easy to add a healthy eating routine into your daily life.

  • avoid food wich is processed industrially
  • buy seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • trink water instead of softdrinks or light drinks
  • reduce your coffee consumption to a healthy level
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