There are a lot of things that you can do to make sure that you are living a healthy lifestyle. This can include everything from getting enough sleep to making sure that you are taking care of your mental health as well as your physical health. When most people think of physical health they usually only think of working out and exercising. There is also nutrition to consider when thinking about your physical health. If you do work out on a regular basis but you only eat junk food you may find yourself not reaching your health goals no matter how hard you work out.

If you are not ready to commit to a serious workout routine you can always start eating healthy. This is a great way to let your body feel great and can give you the extra energy to start exercising.

Here are several ways you can start being more conscious about what you put in your body.


You will have no idea where to start if you do not know where you are at right now. This can be done by tracking what you eat for a week or by going to a doctor or some sort of dietary and nutritional specialist. Medical professionals are great to go to if you are experiencing serious health problems. After a thorough and honest assessment you will know where you are at and what you need to do to make some positive changes.


If you want to go somewhere with your diet and nutrition you will need to have some kind of a vision. This means setting some SMART goals and holding yourself accountable. You may need the help of a therapist or dietitian to hold you accountable when you start out. It is best to set attainable, realistic goals that you can achieve. A good way to do this is to make an overall giant goal, such as maintaining a healthy weight. This can be accomplished by setting smaller goals that can be achieved along the way.  


To lose weight people usually think that you have to go on some kind of crazy diet where you only eat carrots or you follow the keto diet. These diets and any other kind of diet usually works but is very temporary. When you do not follow the diet you will usually slowly gain the weight back and go back to eating the same diet you ate before.

A better approach that I feel is more steadfast and long-lasting is making simple lifestyle changes. This is more of a process than a complete overhaul of your diet. This means you will start with something small such as cutting candy out of your diet. You will then gradually proceed to start eating healthier foods and adopting different cooking and eating habits.  


No matter where you are at in your nutrition journey you will need to learn how to cook properly. You can have the most organic, clean vegetables in the world but if you deep fry them and smother them with some kind of batter you are defeating the purpose.

Choose to cook things that are healthy and rich in the nutrients that you are lacking. If you want to stop feeling so hungry, consider cooking with foods that are high in chlorophyll. If your health goal is to up your natural intake of magnesium you will need to cook with produce that is high in magnesium.


It is really easy to develop an unhealthy mindset when it comes to food and eating healthy. It is sometimes called having a black or white mindset. This means that if you mess up you decide it would just be better to quit. This is a bad mindset and super toxic to your progress. If you are moving in the right direction and sticking to your plan than you are going to be successful. A healthier mindset can be discussed with a professional and they can also help you implement it into your daily life.


  • Kevin Gardner loves writing about technology and the impact it has on our day to day lives. When not writing, Kevin enjoys working out at the gym and hiking in the mountains. Follow his adventures on twitter.