What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or read the words ‘life insurance’?

More often than not, when someone mentions insurance, immediately, the first thing most people think of is death benefit (a.k.a., the sum that beneficiaries get after an insured person passes away). That’s just how it is. We all grew up learning that this is how insurance functions, which is also one of the main reasons people delay the priority of life insurance. Let’s hear from the Queen of Life Insurance, Ebony Ruffin, on why life insurance is more than a death benefit, it’s a wealth benefit.

Ebony Ruffin, who founded and is the managing member of Ruffin Consulting Services. According to her, this mindset is actually one of the reasons why so many people miss out on the many benefits that insurance provides, and one that she is eager to dispel with what she calls Luxury Lifestyle Life Insurance.

“Luxury Lifestyle Life Insurance is a mindset of accepting life insurance as a wealth benefit and not simply a death benefit. The mindset that your life is your most valuable luxury asset is a direct implication of changing the narrative of life insurance from a death benefit to a wealth benefit. Once your mindset understands the priceless value of life insurance, incorporating life insurance in your financial plan becomes the easiest business decision for you, your family, legacy, and net worth.”

As someone who, for years, has relentlessly been educating people of the many wealth-building benefits of life insurance, Ebony says that social media has always been one of her most efficient tools. Using her platforms, she is able to better show and explain to people just what life insurance does.

“On social media, you have to be able to connect with people’s emotions. So on my Instagram, I show rather than tell. This is why on my account, you will see posts about life insurance being a luxury lifestyle. This allows me to incorporate my lifestyle into the branding of life insurance. I am able to show that there is luxury around life insurance, because people want to be associated with something that feels good– that is of high value–and doesn’t feel like death.”

Ebony’s passion for financial consulting is something that developed through years of extensive travel with her active duty military parent. Using all of the knowledge she gained both in the U.S. and abroad plus her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance degree from Auburn University and her Master of Business Administration degree in International Business from Mercer University, she built her company, Ruffin Consulting Services, a consulting firm that provides effective life insurance solutions to families and business owners. 

When asked about one key takeaway she hopes people get from everything she does, she says, “You are worth personal life insurance. You may think that the insurance that your employer provides is enough, but what happens when you move out of that company or if it shuts down? Your legacy is worth the luxury of affordable and adequate life insurance coverage. And no, getting life insurance does not mean your money will only get released after you’ve passed away. You can use it to build your personal wealth too. Take time to educate yourself. Know your worth and get insured.”

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