Previously, cybersecurity professionals used to work for government departments, especially the military and other security agencies. However, cybersecurity is an issue of concern to almost all organizations which store their information in computers or on the cloud. There is an increasingly high demand for individuals with cybersecurity training to work in various positions protecting the company’s data. Here are some of the typical jobs that one can find within the cybersecurity industry.

Security Consultant

A cybersecurity consultant is one of the higher ranking jobs in this industry. This job does not involve day-to-day system maintenance but involves advising organizations on how they should protect and secure their systems against malware and ransomware. Depending on the terms of the contract, a security consultant can offer system updates and maintenance regularly. The main advantage that one can get from this job is that they will be able to work with multiple organizations.

Security Engineer

This is an intermediate job position that involves building and maintaining most of the IT security systems within the company. A security engineer is responsible for handling most of the emergency security and technical issues that may arise in the company. Some of the common jobs that security engineers will be performing include installing intrusion detection systems, installing firewalls, and conducting vulnerability tests. A cybersecurity engineer will also play a critical role in testing the available security solutions.

Cloud Architect

Information technology is significantly advancing as more and more organizations are choosing to keep their sensitive data in the cloud. This is a platform where information is stored and accessed through the internet regardless of where an individual is located. However, cyber-criminals have taken this opportunity to try and manipulate this information. A cloud architect plays a critical role in storing data and protecting it within cloud platforms. Some of the tasks involve developing access policies and security layers to prevent intrusion.

Security Analysts

Recent research studies indicate that more than 70% of businesses in the United States experienced losses, which was directly or indirectly, related to cyber-criminals in 2017. A security analyst is a person who is tasked with the role of predicting chances of cyber-attacks while at the same time providing the necessary security measures to prevent such attacks.