You can do everything you set your mind to.” This popular saying has been a source of inspiration for many people who want to achieve success in life, even if some find it impossible or daunting. 

People’s minds are capable of great things such as creating masterpieces, formulating effective strategies, and more. So if they manifest and cultivate their plans in their minds, they have a better perspective of how they can make them come true. 

Eda Aguilar, a fashion designer and owner of a designer brand, believes in the power of manifestation and its role in helping people grow towards their dreams. 

How To Manifest Growth 

According to Eda, the first step to manifesting growth and success is by determining a person’s passions and finding a way to make them come true. 

This includes creating a journal, mood board, or business plan, anything that can allow people to view their dreams as a project that they will work on and eventually fulfill. Doing so will give them a clear list of what needs to be done towards their growth and success. 

Having a concrete plan for the future enables people to eliminate unnecessary stress from worrying about the steps they need to take towards their goals. Plus, it also lessens the likelihood of people burning out because they have a clear vision of the path they want to take. 

Eda also advises people to learn everything they can about their passion. “Knowledge is power,” Eda said. And with that power, people can achieve more than they anticipated. 

“Consume as many hours as you can getting yourself familiar with the subject. Reach out to experts in that field, get to know what worked for them, what’s their advice, etc.,” she said. 

This growth isn’t exclusive to professional careers. It can also mean personal or spiritual growth. Ultimately, Eda highlights the importance of making concrete plans that will lead to a clear path to success. 

Applying It In Her Career 

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Eda began her career in the world of finance. But her true passion lies in the creative world. At a young age, Eda has already been dancing, modeling, television, and theater. Many have seen her creativity which is why many of her mentors encouraged her to pursue her dream of being a designer. 

Eda has always wanted to design women’s purses. When she moved to New York, she took a course at Parsons the New School for Art & Design. Since then, she has never stopped learning and practicing different ways for her to improve her craft. 

And because she is determined to do what she truly loves, Eda was able to fulfill her dream of starting a designer brand, EDALOU PARIS. Eda’s goal is to design for visionary women who are professional, discerning, active, and stylish. 

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