Even as schools start to reopen in Texas, parents and school boards are beginning to recognize that returning to business as usual isn’t possible. There’s growing interest in providing more training to teachers, so they will be prepared for future disasters. There’s even an interest in providing teachers with training that will help them meet their students’ needs on a daily basis.

Teaching Online Requires More Thought

The online learning situation that the pandemic brought about was sudden, leaving teachers as frustrated as their students. It was a learning experience for everyone and, as a result, it was far less effective than classroom learning. To prepare for future events, Texas schools should be training teachers to develop more effective lesson plans for virtual learning. If children must be kept home during a future lockdown, this type of training will help teachers provide a better quality of education online.

Helping Teachers Through Continuous Support

Another idea that’s gaining popularity is that teachers should receive professional counseling throughout their careers. A part of this philosophy involves creating a residency program in which teachers spend more time learning their trade with a mentor before teaching on their own. Even after a residency program is completed, teachers should be provided with career counseling that will help them adapt and grow as educators.

Reorganize Existing Training Requirements

Currently, Texas teachers are required to undergo career training on a regular basis, but the existing training courses are ineffective. They either focus on repeating information that teachers already know or provide training that isn’t relevant to their teaching duties. The training process should be reformed to address issues that concern teachers in today’s classrooms, which ensuring all training is provided in one comprehensive course. This will save valuable time for teachers who currently have to attend training courses at various locations and at various times throughout the year.

In reforming the training and support teachers receive, it’s also important to accurately maintain records for completed training programs. This will help teachers get the assistance they need to stay up to date with changing educational requirements. It will also keep them from wasting time on topics that they have already covered in previous training sessions. The goal should be to provide teachers with new and relevant information, so they can improve their teaching techniques as their careers advance.