Bad Shoes on Health

Health is very sensitive aspect of our living and it can be affected by very Minor Things like our Standard of Living, Health habits, Eating drinking even what we wear is also can impact our health badly.

Most of the times we fell very uncomfortable regarding our wearing like tight suits, un-climatic dressing tight shoes makes us very un comfortable and can access us to enjoy our routine or parties.

Impacts of un-Comfortable shoes

Tight shoes can also impacts badly on our health likewise it hurts you make un comfortable and by using tight harsh shoes regularly it can shrink your muscles and results as muscle pain in very quick time. This may also lead you to the constant joint pain and Veins problems in the end. These Little things can impact us very badly so be careful while choosing your Wears.

Selection of Comfortable shoes

This is very important part of our life that we select best for you either in Routine life or in the practical life. Selection of good and comfortable shoes may lead you to the better health like:


This is very important aspect of our life that which things give us comfort and vitality in wearing. If you feel comfortable you can lead your way to metal health by enjoying every moment of your life. This will also remove your stresses and queries which you are facing in your routine

Self Confidence:

Many of us may be disagree by this point but it is a factual and realistic point.

Self-confidence is directly related to your personality just like what we wear what we talk where we are comfortable etc. If people are paying attention towards you because of you’re wearing your personality it may increase your self confidence and it leads you to the new level of comfort. But if you use uncomfortable dresses, shoes I mean wearing you will never gain attention of audience rather you will hide of them because of uncomfortability.

Tips to Get Comfortable Shoes

It is very essential in our life to choose the best as I talk earlier in this article.

It is not a big deal that what you use as a male or female like 90% of females using Big Heals which is also trending fashion as well, So many of peoples thinks that it is very uncomfortable to wear Stylish high heels but the fact it is No it is not true most of women feel very comfortable in high Heels because it suits their personality and increase their self confidence.

Most of people think it is very irrelevant to health but I disagree with them by the reference that most of successful peoples focus Comfortability over cost.

Poorly designed uncomfortable shoes can put many long term and short term health problems that effects various parts of our body so it is very essential that what you are putting on your feet Correctively or fitted comfortable shoes has less or no problems on your Health. If shoes has poor quality or low grips then short term problems can be long term problems and it consequences mental, emotional and physical implications.