Effects of Social Media On Students

The world has now turned into a global village, where everyone is connected to each other through social media. If we look around, you will find that social media has become a top-most influencing factor, having an impact on nearly all fields of life.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through the possible effects of social media which have quite dangerous effects on students.

The future of any nation lies in the hand of its youngsters. The prosperity of any nation is assured if it’s youth, especially students are going in the right direction. But, ever since social media has started penetrating deep into our lives, it has enormously effected our teens. As a result, the current situation can possibly get more terrible in the coming future.

Being the parents, one should be aware of all those effects, so they can educate and assist their children in this.

So, let’s straight dive deep into a topic and find out the cause of depression.

Reduced Productivity and Concentration

For a student, paying attention to his studies is the most important thing. Due to certain reasons if a student couldn’t give his 100% attention than his studies would be affected. Sensation and craze of social media are not just limited to the people of one age. Everyone in our society is socially connected no matter which platform he is using.

According to the data collected by Buy Followers Singapore(a Singapore-based Social Media Services and Research Site), Interrupted or reduced concentration is the main reason for reduced productivity whether it’s an individual or of an organization. Today, the mind of a student is always concerned about the mobile ring or notification.  For some extent, social media also provides students with a big opportunity to get assistance related to their studies.

Privacy and Personal Data at Risk

Today, one of the most worrying factors of social media is a fear of your privacy. Nobody wants to let anyone have access to his personal data, this is something which cannot be bear. But, we’ve seen numerous cases over the social media platforms, where the user’s complaint about their privacy. The same goes for a student. Usually, when we use a word student, we’re referring to a teenage boy or girl. Students of these ages are more prone to this kind of dangers. And the majority of such privacy-related cases comes to such kids.

Physical Health Issues

A sound body has a sound mind. As everything we learn with our mind, therefore our physical health should also be good enough. But, here social media also causing many physical health issues to students. Its reason is the attractiveness and craze of social media which develops a wrong perception in the student’s mind.

Student always wants to stick to his mobile phones and ultimately they couldn’t take care of their health.  For example, sleeping late at night, improper schedule of meals and not taking part in the sports. There are hundreds of other reason due to which social media either directly or indirectly, influences a student’s health.

Mental Health Issues & Depression

In my opinion, today the most anxious effect of social media on a student is the depression. One may or may not recognize whether he is suffering from such a condition. Depression leads to many other problems including health, physical, family or education etc.

If you search social “media and” on any search engine, one suggestion you will see at the top positions is social media and depression.

The possible reason for depression among the students could be the following:

  • Cyber-Bullying
  • Inferiority Complex
  • Social Pressure
  • Feeling of jealousy
  • Stressful life event

How Parents Can Protect the Teens?

With the proper concentration of parents and counselling of psychiatrist, you can take your kid out of depression. Depression isn’t the thing one should take easy, it can be the root cause of several problems. The first step should be to give him the proper attention and make him feel comfortable. Most of the time, only parents can help their kids in such situations. If a student is suffering from severe depression, then instant counselling and proper medical checkup are required. I will like to end this blog post by saying that depression is like invisible wounds on your body which are deeper and hurtful. One can’t understand the situation of such a victim if he hadn’t been through that condition.