Mohd Zaki

Everything that we want to achieve requires some effort. But how important is an effort in achieving our goals?  What you do today – the effort you put in – determines your success tomorrow. “Success is never owned; it is only rented – and the rent is due every day.”

Effort isn’t the only thing needed in order for you need to be successful and get to where you want to go, but it sure is an absolute must and something that lacks in a whole lot of people who desire massive amounts of success. If you followed around 10 people who were highly dissatisfied with their station in life, I can bet their effort wouldn’t even come close to someone who is doing the exact same thing they are doing except on a much higher level. The effort is the missing link said Mohd Zaki.

The effort pays off in many ways. When we put in the effort, we learn. Whether the effort produces results or not, we can learn and adapt based on what we learn from our efforts. If our efforts lead us further away from our goal, then we need to change our strategy. If our effort brings us closer to our goal, we can double down with our effort.

Zaki is one of the youngest entrepreneurs who owns many companies like firenetinfotech and theghaziabadtimes. He says, you will have different seasons in your life and business, no doubt about it. There will be times where great things will happen. There will be times where bad things will happen as well. But the one constant thing that you have the opportunity to control throughout everything that happens is your effort.

Zaki says that one achieves all the goals by hard work. Believe in yourself and do not expect favours. Whatever you need, you can earn it. Success is not handed to you on a platter. It takes time, effort and dedication to achieve success. Staying committed to your goals even in the face of many challenges is very important.

Recognize the importance of perseverance and always stay committed, even when the going gets tough Mohd Zaki quoted.