In modern times, almost all of us have had our share of traveling nationally and internationally. In fact, for many of us, traveling is a regular part of our lives. Just in 2017, we saw $1036 billion being spent on traveling!

These days, many of the careers require you to occasionally or frequently make short trips to attend meetings, share ideas, work across the globe, or acquire the right and updated training. These travels are an excellent opportunity for personal growth and to experience new things. However, if you do not have all that you need on the trip, the same journey can take a turn from being a pleasant experience to being the absolute worst!

Packing – a tiresome chore that many avoid

As many as 49% of the vacationers say that packing their belongings for the trip causes them severe stress. Whether it is related to work, pleasure or you are going on the trip for any other personal reason – packing for the journey can be overbearing and frustrating. Perhaps that is the reason that most people put off packing their things until the last possible moment – and do not unpack even weeks after they have returned from a journey.

Thinking of all the stuff you are likely to find yourself in need of during the journey and packing up all of that in an organized manner is no doubt very exhausting. But, if you create a checklist beforehand to remind yourself of everything that you need to take with you, the process can become 10 times easier!

Creating smart checklists makes the task easier and even fun!

For this reason, we have curated for you, the ultimate packing checklist! Though, of course, the things you will require on your travels are largely influenced by the nature of travel, where you are going, and the amount of time you will spend there, there are a few essentials that you will need no matter what your journey is. When we have your back, you will again not bringing enough pairs of socks with you on your trip!

So, what do I need to carry?

To aid the first time traveler, a frequent flier, a loner hiking enthusiast, and someone on their honeymoon traveling across Europe likewise, we have put together a very general packing list that everybody can benefit from. Read on to find out what are the must haves that you will want to carry with you while you are off globe-trotting.

Your passport, ticket, and other essential documents

Can you picture losing your passport or other important documents in a foreign country? Imagine being stuck in a place that is alien to you, with nobody whom you know, and a limited amount of money. Scary, right? This is why you need to be extra aware of where your important documents are all the time that you are traveling.

Whenever you are planning to travel, be smart, and put all your important documents in a folder beforehand. This folder should be with you as much as possible during your journey. Stuff it inside your carry on and hold onto it with everything that you have got.

Another wise thing that you should be doing is making copies of all of these documents and carrying them in your luggage. Should you ever get involved in something where you need to prove your identity, you can do so without any hitches. 

A phone charger and earphones

Who can survive without their phone these days? Carry your charger and earphones with you on the journey even if you suspect they will be available at the hotel. Better safe than sorry (wink wink.)

Enough pairs of socks and underwear

I cannot stress how important this is! Clean underwear and socks are a need, no matter where you are in the world. Also, carry a small hamper for dirty laundry.

Weather appropriate clothing

If your destination is somewhere cold, carry jackets, sweaters, and clothes that you can layer on. If you know the place you are going to is warm, take with you cotton t-shirts, shorts, skirts, summer dresses, and other summer clothes. However, make sure that your dress code respects the culture of the place you are visiting all the time that you are there.

At least one comfortable set of PJs

No matter how comfortable your t-shirts are, do not make the mistake of leaving behind pajamas when packing for your trip. It is only when you are getting enough rest and good sleep that you can thoroughly enjoy your trip.

Comfortable and durable shoes

In your essentials not to forget the right pair of shoes. Choose the perfect pair considering the activities you would be getting involved in. Around 74% of Americans say that they pack 2 or 3 pair of shoes when on a trip. But shoes usually take up a lot of space inside your luggage. Hence, the smart thing to do is carry shoes that can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. Some great options would be a pair of trainers, wool shoes, some flip flops, and one pair of your going out shoes – for example, the Oxford boot.

Any prescription medicine

Often, it can get difficult to get the brand of medicine that you have been prescribed in a foreign country. For sensitive matters like these, carry the dose of medicine that you will need during the journey with you – just be sure to also hold on to the prescription to avoid any issues with the authorities at the airport.

List of your emergency contacts

An important thing to keep on you – especially if you are traveling alone – is a list of your emergency contacts. Even if you may not need it during the trip, the reassurance that you have it with you is enough to make you forget worrying and start enjoying.

The final word

The secret to efficient packing is not stuffing in everything that you may need at some point during the journey – but it is to not forget the essential items. Instead of packing hard, try packing smart. Not only will your shoulders and back thank you when you get rid of the extra weight, but you might also end up saving a fortune at customs! Happy traveling!