It can be difficult to decide on the best means of rewarding hardworking employees. Many supervisors aren’t sure what types of rewards their employees will find to be motivating, and they are unaware of their options when it comes to motivational awards.

Giving a tangible award like a trophy is highly effective for many employees. When these trophies are tasteful and personalized, employees are proud to display them in their workspace or at home.

This article will provide eight excellent ideas about how to use trophies or other engraved awards to motivate your employees and show gratitude for their hard work.

How Recognition Boosts Morale

Employee motivation drives productivity. One of the simplest ways to motivate employees to become more productive is by showing them appreciation. When you are able to give your employees well-deserved praise, they know that you have recognized their effort. Their productivity and job satisfaction will increase, giving you a more efficient workplace with less expensive turnover.

Recognition programs encourage employees to take extra steps to make sure their jobs are covered and covered well. Many employees stay long after working hours to take care of important projects or client requests, but these efforts typically go unrecognized at the company level. A constant lack of appreciation makes employees cynical about their jobs and makes it much more likely that they will take their skills and talents elsewhere.

Recognizing exceptional work also helps to build teamwork. It is a good idea to allow peers the ability to recognize one another when they have made an exceptional effort. Sometimes these peer-level awards are more meaningful than those that come from the corporate level.

Building a Reputation

Receiving special awards for their work can help employees become recognized in their field and in the workplace as a whole. Think about trophies like the Oscars. These are instantly recognizable awards that convey a sense of excellence. Trophies for fun or lighthearted awards are fine, but the symbolism behind one of these objects means that the award should be meaningful.

How to Use Trophies in Awards Programs

Here are eight ideas to help your company use trophies well as a means of motivating employees and recognizing their efforts:

1. Best Leadership Award

When your employees have gone above and beyond in assisting their colleagues, an outstanding leadership award could be appropriate. When you recognize these efforts, you encourage them within the culture of your company. As a supervisor, you will also take note of the best leadership capabilities among your employees, becoming important when promotions are made.

2. Best Collaborator

Teamwork is an inescapable part of today’s workforce, and some people are more prepared to work in groups than others. A talent for collaboration and team-building should be recognized with an award.

3. Standout Performers in Each Department

It is a good idea to recognize employees from each department with their own specialized trophies. For example, the sales representatives with the best numbers should receive trophies. For many departments whose work is not readily broken down into numbers, it might be more difficult to decide who deserves an award. Supervisors from a few departments should get together and decide on their standouts.

4. Community Service Award

Employees should also be recognized for their contributions to society as a whole. Many employees spend significant amounts of time outside the office volunteering with charitable organizations like scout groups and children’s sports teams.

5. Customer Service Award

Most businesses depend on customers, and serving them well can be the difference between failure and success. Always recognize your customer service leaders with a fitting award. You can base these awards on customer surveys and comments.

6. Mentorship Award

Mentorship is a skill that takes a long time to develop. Established employees who are willing to take less-experienced people under their wings are highly valuable employees. Mentors should be recognized when their work is outstanding.

7. Innovation Awards

Special accomplishments like delivering a new product or process should always be recognized. When talented employees deliver on their potential, they enhance the fortunes of the company as a whole as well as driving new business. These accomplishments are tailor-made for trophies.

8. Tenure Awards

Trophies are a kind gesture for an employee with the highest known tenure among your staff. Rewarding their loyalty to the company is a good idea because they can be a positive example for younger employees. It is also a good idea to give out awards for each increment of service, from one-year awards to five and ten-year awards and so on.

Discovering the Possibilities of Trophies

Trophies are surprisingly affordable, and supervisors and human resource professionals should look into the benefits of distributing them to their best employees. Receiving trophies is a significant business achievement. Employees should be proud of their accomplishments. Trophies can be customized in many ways. No matter what type of award you want to give, you can find the right fit when you order an engraved piece.