Are you often looking for new ways to organize pending tasks, unanswered emails, meetings and to-do lists? There’s always room to increase productivity and get inspired while working on your pending tasks.

Setting the focus on being productive, I decided to put together a good list of tools that can help teams collaborate better and make the most out of their time.

1. Evernote

We rely on the internet for everything and often find ourselves in the middle of a mess. Evernote helps with getting us back on track. 

Evernote allows you to “quickly write, collect, find and present all relevant information on any device you may be using.”

2. Ommwriter

We don’t get things done because we have too many distractions. And when it comes to writing, the most important aspect is being and staying focused. 

Ommwriter allows you to transport yourself to a land of calm and relaxation with no notifications or social networks so that you can get your writing on from beginning to end in one sitting.

3. Slack

Looking for a super light and easy way to communicate with your team and stay informed and organized? 

It seems Slack is doing a fantastic job by hosting an all-in-one messaging service for organizations to improve their productivity by enhancing communication. I like the option of adding channels for a particular project or just for fun

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is a life saver! It lets you organize all of your documents and charts. What am I saying? It’s a workplace dream in a cloud! You can create, share, modify, export any document, “excel” sheets and presentations. It’s great for teams as it allows the whole team to have access and edit all the documents created. Can you tell it’s one of my favorites?

5. Namify

Are you starting a new project or publishing a new book? Then Namify is your life-saver.

Namify is a brand name generator that does a lot of things for you: Finds a cool name, checks its availability across major social media and even creates your brand identity. And plus the tool is completely free.

6. Grammarly

We all need to watch our grammar when drafting text and it could become a pain to avoid all mistakes. 

Grammarly can be used as an add-on to your browser or desktop to help you get your point across without any grammar issues so that you can focus on getting work done. Grammarly also offers one of the best plugins out there making it easier for you to proofread your content.

7. Text Optimizer

Are you struggling with content ideas? Do you often need help researching content? If so, you’ll appreciate this tool!

Text Optimizer is a writing productivity tool allowing you to create more in-depth and diverse content. Type your search query and it will help you find related concepts and associations.

8. RescueTime

If you’re like me, many times you don’t know how long it took you to write a content piece or schedule content on Twitter. 

RescueTime helps you tackle that! When installed on your computer, it tracks how much time you spend on a specific program or website. It’s a great way to pinpoint where you’re spending the most time and even shows you when you’re least productive.

Good luck boosting your productivity!