The world has significant problems like wars, poverty, economic crisis, environmental issues, and it seems like everything is walking towards the end of humanity. But, if everyone on the earth decides to do their bit at adding value to their surrounding, then we can certainly create a better place to thrive and flourish. If you want to change the world, then it must start with yourself. And that’s where empowerment comes in the picture. 

Empowerment refers to being truthful to yourself and others around you. It means taking responsibilities and working to reach your maximum potential. You must have a mindset to hustle, upgrade yourself and then you will be able to bring a positive change in the world.

Below are a few ways to empower yourself and create the change. 

Prioritise self-time 

Every day you must set aside some time to sit with yourself and do nothing. It may sound like an easy task, but it’s certainly not. It’s nourishing and fortifying to give yourself short yet undivided positive attention each day. You must have at least 10 to 15 minutes for yourself. When you take such timeouts, it helps you disconnect from the world for a while. You get into a zone where no external voices are bothering you; it’s just you and your thoughts. It’s an excellent way to connect with yourself.   

Be open to opportunities 

There’s no failure in the world unless you believe in it. You have the potential and power to make yourself invincible. If you live with a negative and hopeless mind, then you may end up missing out on great opportunities. So you must cultivate the thought that you have the power to conquer everything, and it’s all possible for you. With such confidence, you should be open to opportunities. It will help you to become more creative and create an expansive world with higher chances of success.  

Know that feeling bad doesn’t help anything             

It is essential to feel emotional about issues around you. But the problem arises when you let your sentiments take over your ability to act. You must keep in mind that those feelings are a sign that you want things to be better. It shows that you want to change the way it works. So you should acknowledge your feelings and listen to your heart, and then use those emotions to empower you. When you have a strong emotional drive, you can indeed make a difference. All you need to do is utilize the energy of your emotions to take the right actions. 

Harness your natural talents  

Every person excels in specific intelligence; it can be logical, musical, naturalist, existential, interpersonal, and so on. You must learn to take advantage of your natural skills. It can be anything like organizing, leadership, cooking, singing, etc. You can use your talents to begin a new career, help a non-profit organization, or help your friend in need. Using your natural strengths to develop yourself and help others is the best way to feel empowered. Don’t mistake that if something is easy for you, then it must be less valuable because it’s the opposite. 

Live a healthy life 

Living healthy is the most practical way to empower yourself. You must maintain excellent health physically as well as mentally. You can become the fittest version of yourself by going to workout classes. Not to mention, you must also eat organic and healthy food. As they say, you are what you eat! So you must carefully choose what goes into your body as it affects your ability to think. When you want to create the change in the world, eating food in the mode of goodness indeed helps you achieve your goals.  

Focus on your inner-self

There must be many things around you that you don’t like. You may come across many things that seem unfair and unjust. Now, you must focus on your inner-self and watch your response to those challenges. When you give yourself undivided attention and act to your answers non-violently, then only you will be able to live a truthful life. The greatest social figures like Martin Luther and Mother Teresa, didn’t have a penny on them when they died. So, focus on working in silence and let your success make the noise. 

Do something about the issues that bother you

You cannot make the world better all by yourself. You cannot work alone and fix every problem in the world. So, you must find one or two things that deeply bother you and then devote yourself to improve them. You must have faith in yourself that you will be best at what your heart inspires. And then you should think about how you can make a difference. You can directly help the situation, or you can spread awareness about the cause and motivate people to provide funding. As you start noticing the little improvements, it will further motivate you to bring more change. 

Run your race 

If someone succeeds, it doesn’t imply that you have failed. It’s your life, and your focus should be on your race. You should not worry about the competition, but you should focus on the things in your charge. If you worry more about the competitors and what they are doing, then you are likely to ignore the importance of things you are doing. Always keep in mind that empowerment is not about competition; rather, it’s about contribution. So always keep your focus on your progress and how you can contribute better.  

All things considered

Those were the eight ways to empower yourself and create the change. You can begin by using your natural talents and upgrading yourself. You can focus on issues that bother and do something about those. Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself after all, a healthy body is a must to nurture a strong and empowered mind.


  • Michelle has a masters in human psychology and a diploma in biology. She is actively involved in writing about the health and lifestyle issues faced by people. She has been helping people in building a healthier lifestyle and has been working with non-profit organizations for almost a decade.