Elana Clark-Faler

Every day there is an opportunity to take control of the thoughts that run through our heads. If you have an awkward encounter, you can either dwell on it for the rest of the day or just move to acknowledge that it happened and move on. You are practicing mindfulness when you observe thoughts and make the decision to focus on them or discard them. Regardless of your career or daily obligations, practicing mindfulness can be a great way to take responsibility for your thoughts. 

How Does Mindfulness Help?

Mindfulness practice allows you to control your thoughts in a way that can reduce the occurrence of panicked thoughts. It gives you the ability to recognize your thoughts by being able to slow them down as they pass through your mind. If you have an anxious thought, mindfulness gives you the tools to decide to obtain more evidence to back up the idea and attaching to it. It can help you improve your communication and reduce impulsivity.   

Resources For Mindfulness

If you are looking to learn how to implement mindfulness, there are countless resources available to you. Online there are many sites that share tips and tricks for implementation. You should look for the different ways that you can meditate to determine the right style for you. Some people may like complete silence while others may like guided mindfulness meditations. Aside from online resources, there are plenty of mobile apps that you can download to begin learning how to start practicing mindfulness in your daily life. One such app is Headspace, a mobile app that offers education as well as guided meditations for mindfulness. 

Take Responsibility
Mindfulness can help you in your awareness of your thoughts, perceptions, and actions. Knowledge can lead you to take responsibility for these thoughts and actions. Slowing down your thoughts to acknowledge and review them will also give you the ability to make more choices. Mindfulness gives you an opportunity to take action on your thoughts or not, as well as the ability to review past decisions and improve upon them. You can take deeper responsibility for the thoughts that are running through your head and the actions they turn into.