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The EOC Institute claims:

Backed by extensively researched, deeply featured, multi-layered sound technology, EquiSync’s perfect equilibrium of brainwave entrainment frequencies are designed to help you unlock the limitless power of your brain & mind, creating the perfect mental, emotional, and physical environment to help you reach your highest potential.

It is a rather tall order, and one worth testing since I am on a quest for raising my frequency. To me, raising frequency is also ‘aligning with the core frequency’ and ‘conscious evolution.’ Reaching one’s highest potential is another way to put it.

I added a number to the beginning of each EquiSync .mp3 filename so the files are in a clear sequential order.

Ocean waves with ethereal music
Listened 3 X over the day
Rated 8 of 10

The soft lapping of ocean waves against the shore mixes well with ethereal music. Together they are soothing.

Following intuitive feeling and the urge to experiment, I ran the TENS unit at half strength in reflexology mode, on my feet, while listening to the first EquiSync track. The combination worked well in this session.

During the session, my thoughts returned to the 9 Elements of Empowerment from Within:

Letting Go
Being Grateful
Straightening Spine
Centering in Heart
Asking and Listening Within
Giving and Receiving Freely
Feeling Being

In later sessions, having worked awhile with the 9 and knowing their meaning to me, I reduced them to 4:

Breathe Deeply
Let Go
Raise Frequency
Feel Being

These are the intentions I send to my body-mind both in and out of audio sessions. There are no rules or dogma involved. How and when I use the affirmations varies according to my feeling in the moment.

The prototype headband with speakers of my design which I wear in the sessions, is lighter and less constricting than headphones and the sound is clean and clear.

On a scale of 1 – 10, I rate the first session an 8. That is not only for the EquiSync audio, but the TENS unit and headband headphone. An area for improvement is the setting, as the outdoor chair was not fully comfortable.

Birdsong with river sound
Listened 2 x at 11:30 a, 1x at 5:30 p, and 1x at 8:30p
With cannabis, TENS and EquiSync, went into a deep sleep during the last session
Rated 4 of 10

The high chirping of the birds was a little challenging for me, but in the spirit of de-sensitizing myself I listened. Running the TENS unit on my feet is relaxing and I go deeper than without it.

The birdsong could be lower volume in relation to the watersound, for the comfort of my sensitive hearing. It was interesting to have this session outdoors and hear live birdsong, which I love, while the recorded birdsong played.

During the 02-EquiSync track, I did not feel as soothed as I did during 01. That could be due to a number of factors.

Other than the high chirping which triggered my misophonia at times, I liked the audio and the TENS, but the outdoor chair was hard to bear.

Today I ordered a hammock with built-in bug net, with the idea of setting it up as a comfortable chrysalis for the sessions. In the photo, its shape reminds me of a chrysalis, which is also a metaphor of a shift or transformation to a higher frequency.

A next step will be to make a chrysalis hammock space with camping pad and pillows, so I can sink more deeply into the session.

A seamstress is on a mission to make the perfect headband for me to use with flat speakers, as a headphone. What I do now is slip the speakers onto my ear openings, under a common stretch headband. The custom headband, made to my specifications, will be an improvement over my improvised band-phone which is still more comfortable than ear muff style headphones or earbuds, and works surprisingly well.

I use cannabis lightly and observe how it affects me. If I start feeling that it lowers my body-mind experience, that it numbs and dumbs, I take a break from it. Sometimes it has felt useful, sometimes not. Releasing feel-good endorphins may raise my experiential frequency to a lighter mood, without touching the core frequency patterns which I seek to reach.


Similar to didge and clapsticks
Listened 2 x at 2:30 p, 1 x at 5:30 p, and 1 x at 8:30p
Rated 2 of 10 the first x, 7 of 10 the last session

With sounds similar to didgeridoo and clap sticks, the first of three times today was not a very satisfactory session. I enjoy some didge, but found it hard to stay with the audio.
The repetitive didge-like sound and clacking of the sticks and I, were not in alignment with each other. Not a session I would revisit for pleasure. Still, am in this for the entrainment not entertainment, and will listen again.

I realize that since it takes 30 days to create new neural pathways I need to give it at least that long as a fair trial. Then we will see what difference it makes.

I felt more aligned with the last session than the first though the EquiSync track was the same.


I am the observer.
The Observer observes the observers.
The Observer itself cannot be observed.
There is no haste in the Observer, no importance.
The Observer simply observes.

The Observer is the One Being.
The One Being observes through me.
The One Being is the Present Moment Frequency.
The Present Moment Frequency is the ‘core frequency of the Universe’.
I align the EMF of my body-mind with the PMF of the One Being.
So aligned, the PMF of the core radiates unconditional love through the body-mind.


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