If we were to describe Eli Dangerfield in one word, it would be successful. This 21-year old is from Adelaide, Australia, and is now a millionaire. He managed to do all of this with no help from the outside.

Dangerfield came from a pretty average family and has now come up on top with his Elmore Lewis Watches brand and his brand “Six Figure Brand Accelerator.”

As everyone does in the business industry from time to time, Dangerfield has had his share of roadblocks. The biggest of his roadblocks would be back in 2016 when he had just initially started the launch of Elmore Lewis Watches. 

What had happened was he started targeting his social media ads to a certain third world country which led him to continuously make tons of sales. That was until he noticed that he was getting a lot of chargebacks. What this meant was these customers were using stolen credit cards to make the purchases and he ended up losing all of his profits from these orders. 

This and the cost of the products, shipping, and fees, had put him thousands in debt. This caused a halt on his business and he had to start working on a side hustle in order to gain back funds to put back into the business.

 This was a very stressful time for Dangerfield as he was just 18-years-old at the time and hadn’t experienced anything like it before. He had debt collectors constantly harassing him for money that he didn’t have. He also had to put a pause on his eCommerce business for a few months. It was at that moment that he had an amazing idea and he thought “I surely can’t be that dumb, I need to make this work,” and with that being said he went back and jumped all in. This mindset of not quitting no matter how hard times got, proved to be rewarding in the end for him. 

As he had some bad times, he also had plenty of great ones that he will never forget. During a period of time he was working with an advertising agency that had promised him way more than they could chew. He had just put down $30,000 with them and was at the end of the road with Elmore Lewis. 

He was in quite the slump on the one day of the year that should be filled with joy. It was Christmas Day and he spent that day with his ex-girlfriend and family and his mind was all over the place. It was running in circles with how crazy 2017 had been for him and his businesses. All of that hard work, stress, and fear had only led to him saving roughly $300 in his bank account. That was the night he decided to give this business one last chance. He sat down and took the time to create new ads.

He had set his budget for his ad for Boxing Day 2017 to $300. This was the last of his money and his final go in his business endeavors.  If things didn’t turn out as planned he would file for bankruptcy and that would be the end of that. He woke up the next day worried about what took place overnight. To his surprise he had made $1,500 in his sleep. He figured that it was too good to be true and that he must have accidentally set his budget to $3000 instead of the $300 he had. To his amazement he didn’t make a mistake. He managed to make that by putting down only $300. That day ended with him making $7,000 and he couldn’t be happier. 

That week he went on to make $21,000 total. From there his passion re-ignited within telling him to keep pushing through the hardships and he realized that if he could make $7,000 in a single day from his laptop, that anything was possible. He’s since had multiple days in a row bringing in large sums of money. 

He never thought that his business would get that far but it did all because he didn’t give up when times got tough. He wants to encourage others to follow their dreams and to keep pushing through because it will be well worth it in the end.