It is not often that a musician uses his or her platform to spread a message and raise awareness to topics like social injustice. For Ibru, using his passion and talent for music to bring awareness to important societal issues while connecting with the youth and society as a whole has been everything for him. 

Ibru grew up in humble beginnings in the Bahamas, and has had a passion for music since a very young age. After a stint in the army, he decided to go all in on his passion and try to make a career out of it. His motive behind pursuing a career in music was deeply rooted in his desire to influence the next generation of kids after him, just as he was inspired by musicians growing up to keep pushing through no matter how hard times got. Because of this, he has found the motivation to keep pursuing his dreams regardless of how long it takes to get through times of stagnation and minimal opportunity.

It has also given him a rock solid belief in himself and what he is doing. In an interview with Jamaica’s The Star, Ibru’s confidence and poise was clearly noticeable. When asked how he possessed such a high level of confidence, he replied that it was due to his intense focus on perfecting his craft and keeping a steady mind as he stays true to his mission of influencing people and spreading a positive message. 

A huge lesson can be taken away from Ibru’s mentality. All too often, people get consumed in their own fear of a situation and it ultimately decides their fate. In Ibru’s case, he has a deep level of trust in his preparation and working on his craft, and falls back on this in times of uncertainty or turmoil. Rather than give in or lose faith, he knows how passionate he is about music and all of the work he puts in, and that it will pay off.

 Because of this, there is no reason to fear a negative outcome or not being accepted by an audience. This can be applied to any situation, as falling back on preparation and understanding that there is no reason to fear can save you from burn out and ultimately giving up on your passion. 

His story is not speculative either, as the results have started coming to fruition by the month. After being featured in a reggae album that graced the top ten on the Reggae Billboard Charts, his EP that released a few months later came with critical acclaim. The album has gained traction in the reggae world and is catching the attention of fans internationally. 

Regardless of what situation you are in, take note of Ibru and how much trust he has in his process and his preparation. This keeps him grounded and confident, and gives him the strength to move forward regardless of the scenario. Do this in your life, and you will see huge results both physically and mentally and your life will be forever changed.