Time management is not a new term, all of us know that time is very important as it is limited just like money and you have to spend it in an effective and prudent way in order to get the best results! Well, there is a reason why we say that time is money, right? And all of us know the reason too, but the fact is that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, time slips away and we couldn’t complete the task that we planned to do.

You need to understand that you can never manage time (You don’t need to). You can manage the activities and tasks that occur in your daily routine and that’s exactly what you need to do. Time is a fixed unit, you just get 24 hours in a day and that’s it! The number of tasks or activities that you do may vary and that’s where you have to manage them in such a way that you complete everything you desired in a 24 hour day and still have some spare time to look after yourself nicely.

Below, these are some of the most effective tips to manage your daily activities in such a way that you end up saving a lot of your time and energy which you are wasting in some wasteful activities.

1. Know what’s important, prioritize and win!  

Before you could actually manage your tasks or activities during the day, it is imperative to keep monitoring the things you do in the 24 hours, it will help you to analyze how you are using the day. Also, you will be able to eliminate all those things that are not so important and occupying a lot of time in your routine. See where you are investing most of your time and which task requires more of your attention and time.

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Once you get to know what is more important for you, where you are investing your time and where exactly you should invest your time, then it’s time to prioritize!

If you are aware of the amount of time that you spend in random activities, it will help you in making realistic strategies and your personalized roadmap. You will no longer waste your time in daydreaming about where you want to reach instead, you will invest your time and energy to practically reach the level of success of your choice. You need to understand the difference what’s important for you and what’s really urgent at a certain moment.

2. Focus on the big picture and understand what requires your attention

While you analyze the activities during the day, you will find how you have been wasting your time and energy on the tasks that hardly requires your attention. This is the time where you should ask yourself “Is it really worthy to spend my time and energy in this or that task?

The fact is that you can only focus on the big picture by eliminating unnecessary activities and constantly work on knowing what wasteful activities are stealing your time.

This is very common among most of the people that they unconsciously spend their time in random activities without thinking that, is it important or not? Slowly this becomes their habit and creates trouble for them to find time for the actually important stuff.

3. Distraction is always harmful

Distractions like your hobbies or habits can steal a lot of your precious time. While you are at your workplace, there are certain things that can distract you and you won’t be able to work efficiently. Apart from your hobbies or habits, other factors like social media notifications, emails or messages can also distract you in the workplace.

All you need to do is introspect and be honest with yourself while you find out which one of the above factors disturb you the most at your workplace.

Some of the common measures to stay focused at your workplace are – close the doors of your cabin while you are working on something important so that the gossip happening outside your cabin doesn’t reach your ears. Apart from that, turn off notifications or put your phone on silent or just mute the sound on the notifications so that notification sound of the email, messaging or other apps doesn’t reach you.

4. Quality over quantity works here too!

It is certain that looking at your hectic routine sometimes you might have thought of working on two tasks together. Well, multitasking is a good skill, but in the long run, it is not that good for you. The reason why I am saying this is because it will diminish the quality and efficiency of the task that you have done.

Multitasking will refrain you in many ways to keep your focus on the most important things. No matter how hard you try, multitasking will never let you keep your focus on one task to the fullest. The most effective way to avoid multitasking is by scheduling your important tasks for a day in order or sequence of the time at which you are going to do it.

After that, you just have to take on the tasks one after another and complete them in the time duration defined for it. As soon as you start doing that, you will notice positive changes, you will find that efficiency in your work has increased to a whole new level. Also, it will help you save a lot of your energy.


Always remember that you need to do what you really love in between the breaks during work hours in order to stay fresh and happy in the workplace. Your thinking skills, memory and learning skills can improve with the use of alpha gpc pills, but there is no medication for happiness as your happiness is always in your hands. Looking after your health, especially mental health as a priority will ultimately help you keep an eye on how you utilize your energy. Invest your hard work and energy in productive work to bring a positive change in the world.

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