Many people are constantly wanting to better themselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but are unsure of where to start. Getting in alignment can be challenging at the best of times. Fortunately, women like Ellie Wang are looking to change this forever. 

With her Roadmap To Alignment program, Ellie is on a mission to permanently transform thousands of people who are seeking acute alignment – and she has all it takes to cut through the noise for them. Working with the laws of the universe to align and attract desired outcomes, Ellie has been able to help her clients to acquire the right combination of information – making it as simple as possible for them to properly apply their abilities and actually LIVE an aligned life. As Ellie commonly says, “We are not here to just dream it. We are here to live it.”

Born with the ability to read energy, Ellie now uses her talents to provide the next level of support for her clients, seeing them flourish as they align their conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds in a short period of time – which has become a part of Ellie’s life purpose. 

Ellie’s Alignment Accelerator Program ‘Roadmap To Alignment is a tailored program for aspiring entrepreneurs and independent creatives who are stuck or experiencing discords in their life, and is built to enhance optimal learning in the brain and turns the theories of energetic concepts into easy, applicable systems.

These systems help people become powerful magnets to their dream opportunities, ideal relationships, and all the components for ultimate fulfilment. Clients quickly realize that financial goals become easy byproducts of inner alignment, often happening in ways that defy the illusion of time.

Ellie creates deep connections with her audience, by sharing her own story with vulnerability. While she was a wildly successful International and Broadway actor and singer, she found herself caught in a global fear movement as an immigrant in the United States and experienced a unique personal lockdown one year before the pandemic. The American government had withheld her permanent residency card, which meant that Ellie had the inability to travel home or be hired, leaving her in mounds of debt, an unknown future and the fear of ending up on the streets. 

This personal journey has allowed Ellie to relate to her clients and help them grow in the way she was able to by providing resources and support for their own personal growth. 

Ellie also has a podcast called the Pragmatic Soul Searcher Show where she shares all things life, mindset and manifestation in ways that a pragmatic mind can absorb.  In this podcast, you will find fun manifestation stories and fresh outlooks on relationships. Moreover, Ellie becomes your ‘best friend’ as she offers inspiration and laughs in a ‘hang out’ setting. 

The Roadmap to Alignment Program also aims to demystify people’s opinions of themselves and help understand why people are getting stuck. The program also provides Ellie’s signature core perception formula where clients can effectively identify unseen connections and how these link to people’s circumstances, which together provides energetic shifts toward true alignment. 

Ellie has also opened up about dealing with an illness she was told she would have for life, which is now fully healed. This personal vulnerability engages her audience and at the same time, makes her message more universal. That’s why hundreds of clients have chosen to work with Ellie beyond the power of the program. 

To find out more about Ellie, find her on Instagram & Facebook.