“In 2017, I found myself in a life I created by default,” Ellina Sukharenko says of her successful corporate career. “My decisions weren’t my own, my self worth was at an all time low, and I had no interests or passions outside of the work-eat-entertainment autopilot mode. I was repeating the same toxic patterns: escaping into relationships, people pleasing, not living remotely close to my fullest potential.”

Ellina had always planned on achieving the American Dream, inspired by her parents’ hard work and determination as immigrants to the United States. Although she was only four, she recognized the sacrifices that were made in order to create a better life for their family, so as she grew older, she set out to hustle just as they did. Nonetheless, Ellina found herself unfulfilled by her corporate pursuits. She explains, “On the outside, I had a six-figure job, I was on my way to earning my Masters, and highly social. American dream? Fulfilled. On the inside, I was going through the motions, just failed my dissertation proposal, and acquired a health issue that required invasive surgery.”

Ellina knew that she needed to make a change. After discovering the practice of meditation, she became determined to help others utilize the tools that aided in her transformation. In 2017, she moved from New Jersey to Miami, leaving her corporate life behind, and starting her own business. With a framework she created called Conscious Life Design, Ellina works with clients one-on-one, helping them reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and step into their self-worth. Conscious Life Design is a 12-week experience rooted in spiritual psychology, which focuses on redefining your values, state management, neuroplasticity, reparenting, and tapping into your authentic self. “I also created an online community for my clients called Pocket Yoda Social Club,” Ellina explains. “It has grown beyond my clientele into a conscious social network for members from all over the world.”

She continues, “I also founded OfficeFlow Consulting, LLC. bringing mindfulness practices and workshops to forward-thinking companies that recognize the power of mental health and community in an era of isolation and globalization.”

Beginning her career in the corporate world, Ellina never would have imagined the life that she is living now. Her work is unique, much like the journey that it took to get there, and as a result, Ellina says her mental and physical health have never been better. Nonetheless, this success has not come without sacrifice. She notes, “This journey is not for the faint of heart. Living every single day out of your comfort zone is tough. You will learn hard and sometimes expensive lessons. You might lose friends. Everything will feel very personal. You will be judged, but that will happen either way.”
Ellina continues, “You just don’t know what you don’t know and there are many people out there who will take advantage of that. Getting the right people in your corner is paramount when starting a business, and you won’t always get it right on the first try.”

Ellina currently works out of Miami, FL, where she lives with her dog, Ziggy. When she’s not coaching, you can find her organizing community events and DJ’ing at venues all over the Miami area. To learn more about Ellina, follow along on Instagram .