Elly Kleinman Museum

Elly Kleinman has been leading The Americare Companies since 1982 when he founded the company. Mr. Kleinman contributes a deep and valuable understanding of The Americare Companies history and day-to-day operations. This contribution is stemmed further from Mr. Kleinman’s 20-plus years in the home healthcare industry, and his long-standing connection with the company. Additionally, Elly Kleinman’s experience as the Chief Executive Officer of Americare, and previously serving in various senior-level management roles, enables him to provide strategic leadership skills and financial acumen and expertise that are invaluable.

Who is Elly Kleinman?

Elly Kleinman: I was born in 1952, to Ethel Kleinman and Reb Avrohom Isaac, both Holocaust survivors, who left Europe for America in 1949. I spent most of my childhood in New York. After graduating from college, I started what would turn out to be a life-long professional career in the home healthcare industry. Driven by ambition and strong determination I managed to build a prosperous career in the home healthcare industry.

Where did Kleinman study?

Elly Kleinman: For my Bachelor degree, I studied at Brooklyn College. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, for more than 85 years, the college has been attracting a wide variety of motivated students—many of them immigrants or the children of immigrants who wish to better their lives through a superb education. There, I studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, which is a natural choice for people who enter into the ranks of senior management for obvious reasons. The Brooklyn College campus is considered one of the most beautiful in the country, with well-equipped facilities, studios, smart classrooms, and production and practice rooms—all with highly affordable tuition.

How did Kleinman found Americare?

Elly Kleinman: In the late 1970s, I began working in a management position for a national home health care company. After a few years, I decided to give my own contribution to society and start a company that would serve those that are most in need. In 1982, I founded my own home healthcare service provider, The Americare Companies, which is still serving the New York City metropolitan area to this day. For the past thirty years and more, I have been working really hard, and as a result, I had realized my vision for a successful company.

What does Americare Companies do?

Elly Kleinman: The Americare Companies provides a number of healthcare services including home health in New York State, and rehabilitation, pharmacy, managed care services, and international nurse recruitment, for healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Today, Americare is one of the largest healthcare organizations in New York and has earned a 5-Star rating for quality and clinical services delivery by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Federal agency that oversees these programs throughout the United States.

Where else does Kleinman serve?

Elly Kleinman: Apart from my engagements with Americare, I’m also Founder and President of AAMM/KHEC, Co-Chairman of OHEL Board of Directors, Chairman of Camp Kylie Board of Trustees and Former Trustee of the Maimonides Medical Center. I’m also involved in the Jewish religious and communal life from education and publications to social services.

What does Kleinman’s typical workday look like?

Elly Kleinman: As a business executive, I have to say, most of my days are pretty hectic. They usually start with a brief staff meeting, followed by my routine tasks regarding the development of the company’s offerings. My key responsibilities include determining and formulating policies and providing the overall direction of the company’s guidelines. This involves the planning, direction, and coordination of day-to-day operations at the highest level of management with the help of assistant executives and staff managers.

What is Kleinman’s family connection with the Holocaust?

Elly Kleinman: As the son of two Holocaust survivors I have taken an active role in preserving the memory, stories, and records of Holocaust survivors and sharing the legacy with future generations. So far, I have been a speaker at a number of holocaust education and remembrance events and programs through the United States and Canada. To honor the memory of my late father Reb Avrohom Isaac Kleinman, who shared with me stories about his grandparents’ experience of the holocaust, I dedicated a book and Agudath Israel of America’s Daf Yomi Commission to him. In May 2011, I was appointed Chairman of the 12th Siyum Hashas of Daf Yomi. I’m also a featured panelist at the 87th National Convention of Agudath Israel of America.

What is Amud Aish?

Elly Kleinman: Amud Aish is the name of the museum that I founded. The museum serves as a memorial to the Holocaust. The Amud Aish enables both Jewish and diverse audiences of all faiths and background to better understand the Holocaust. The museum explores the ‘spiritual resistance’ of Orthodox Jews who maintained their religion during WWII, even in Nazi death camps. As the President of the Amud Aish museum, I have been included in many Holocaust-related events.