Embodiment by Luis Gallardo

Take a look around you, and you will see so many things that are the result of human creation. Each one of those creations began with a thought. The moment we become aware that we don’t have something that we need or want, we experience the emotion of lack. Then, the imagination kicks in, and we begin creating. Humans have an innate, natural tendency to be creators at play. The more we imagine what it would be like to have certain things, the more we naturally start imagining images and pictures of our potential future.

We dream of the dream of a different, better future.

Embodying Your Thoughts

When we keep thinking about turning that future into reality and be truly engaged in the process with passion, we will begin to insert ourselves in the scene of that future. Through sheer thought, we would begin to experience that future emotionally. In other words, we are able to feel the emotions of an unrealized future, such as enthusiasm, abundance, joy, love, gratitude, freedom, and so on. In a way, immersing yourself in that scene is a form of mental rehearsal and preparation – changes begin to take place in our brain because we are opening new neurological pathways. Our brain starts changing to look like the future we want to conceive and create.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza (international lecturer, educator, author, and researcher), creative thoughts become an experience. The “future emotions” we feel in the present send signal to the body, which receives the signal that the situation or event is happening or has already happened. That way, we are signaling the body ahead of the environment. By the time you are 35 years old, about 95% of who you are is a memorized set of hardwired attitudes, unconscious habits, emotional reactions, and a set of behaviors that operate like a computer program. We can learn a change both in a state of inspiration and joy, as well as in a state of suffering and pain.

Body as the Unconscious Mind

What follows the thought is emotion. When you wake up in the morning, what do you think about first? If you start thinking about your problems, you should know that those problems are actually memories (or circuits) in the brain. Each one of your memories relates to certain times, places, and people. So, start each day by thinking in the past. The more you keep firing those circuits, the more hardwired they become, and it only takes one thought to fire them. It then turns into a feeling of anxiety that gets you to fire more thoughts that are equal to your feelings. Those circuits condition the body to become the mind, so when the time comes to make a change, the body tells you to go back to your comfort zone.

The body is the unconscious that influences the mind – it creates thoughts that take you back, so you begin to resist change. Old thoughts create old behavior, creating the same experience that produces the same emotion.

Going Beyond the Body

Master Morihei Ueshiba is the originator of Aikido, a non-aggressive Japanese martial art that goes beyond the resolution of physical conflict. Master Ueshiba spent the latter half of his life developing Aikido as a means of the uplifting and refining human spirit.

Through Ancient Shinto, Ueshiba realized the secrets of Kendo and reached to Way of the Kami – entering and escaping the form. Upon seeing that all schools of Kendo had become one, he reached the realm of Kami where there are no set forms. The mind is the rulers, and all materialism is nothing before this truth. Upon facing an opponent of 193 cm (Ueshiba was only 157 cm tall), he was able to envision a white body that had fallen on the ground without being controlled or pushed. Mr. Ueshiba’s spiritual eye could see his opponent’s ethereal body separating from his physical body, falling into that envisioned white body on the ground. In other words, the matter of the physical body is only a shell of the ethereal body, while the ethereal body is a shell for the spiritual body.

All people are able to open themselves to the consciousness of the ethereal body (soul) as they progress mentally. As they progress, they can eventually open up to the consciousness of the spirit.

Embodying Your Higher Self

Regardless of who you are, where you have been, and what you have done – you are not the things that happened to you but what you choose to become. Identity is not something that’s fixed, and reality is malleable.

  • Visualizing what you want

Things start with your imagination – if you don’t have it, then all the knowledge in the world won’t mean anything. Create a mental construct of your circumstances and yourself, and believe that you can always revise yourself anew (regardless of what happened in the past). Think about what mental pictures you’re holding in your mind that are subconsciously giving you a positive or negative direction.

  • Trusting yourself and the process

Do you believe that it is possible to become what you want? Instead of always being the victim of your thoughts, stand aside and observe them. Believe in a more empowering story for yourself and change your internal narrative.

  • Feel yourself being that person

This is where the power of your emotional energy comes into play. Can you embody your thoughts, visualize being what you want to be, and get into that feeling? You are able to embody that emotional energy, and it is always available to you now. Feel it what it will be like to achieve the result, and repeat it as many times as you can.

  • Feel, Understand and act

Having the right emotional frequency is not enough because you need to act. If you don’t try to match your lifestyle and habits with what you want, you are not taking action to become that.

Unless we embody our thoughts, in coherence with our feelings, we will always be living in the past and reproducing the past in the future. Teaching your body to emotionally feel the future is among the most challenging hurdles in the process of becoming. The longer you condition the body into the emotions of your future, you will begin to feel like that future has already happened. Once you feel like your future is coming towards you, you must be ready to embrace it by creating new habits where you are subconsciously, unconsciously, and automatically living in your future emotions.

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