The 3-Step Process of Transformation

For many years I used the tag line “Conscious Leadership in Action” to describe my work. Why? Well, it came to me after entering into a business partnering with someone who, on the surface, seemed to share my vision of bringing Conscious Leadership to the business world and who seemed to share my values. A critical alignment for any partnership, wouldn’t you say?

My partner and I seemed to be speaking the same language and heading in the same direction. We were passionate and grateful to be serving the world in this capacity. But what I learned the hard way was that a person could understand philosophy, ideas, and concepts intellectually, and have a pure heart in their intention to live those ideals — to want to embody those principles. But doing that, in reality, can be an entirely different story. What emerged for us was that our alignment didn´t go deep enough, and this promising partnership had a shift ending.

What was missing? What was missing was the second step in the 3-step Process of Transformation — #1: Principles, #2: Practice, #3: Living. The second step is where you take the new ideas and test them out in the waters of your own life by following the principle of action. For instance, instead of reacting habitually and unconsciously to stimuli from outside events, you use the opportunity to practice by first pausing, and then intentionally handle the situation differently from your usual reaction. You apply the wisdom of the principles you want to live by. Building a newfound awareness, you consciously choose your response and then act accordingly. Through practice and more practice, you gradually start to embody this new way of living. This is your north star, and for most, this is easier said than done. But practice makes the master.

The reason I’m being reminded of this story now is that, thankfully, we see a significant rise in our collective consciousness. It might not feel like that in your everyday life, but it’s still happening. More and more people are starting to understand the power of concepts and principles such as love, caring, kindness, compassion, courage, and collaboration. But how many people are taking those concepts into action and living them — embodying them? That’s what the world needs right now.

The Western world has ideologized our intellect above everything else. But it doesn’t matter how many books we have read, how learned we are, or what our gifts and talents are — if we never test-drive what we have gathered. If we don’t turn our information and knowledge into reality through experiential learning, we are just sitting on intellectual potential. Turning that into wisdom can only be done through one thing — action. 

So how can we be of service to other humans and all living beings through our liberated actions? Once we are living from the embodiment state, we start moving to a broader, transpersonal context. We become warriors of light, walking the path of heart with compassion and loving. We start embodying Conscious Leadership in Action in our everyday lives. That’s power — TRUE Power!


  • Rúna Bouius

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    Rúna Bouius is a former CEO and serial entrepreneur from Iceland and the founder of the True Power Institute. She is a speaker, author, executive coach, and consultant to visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, and people of influence. She is on the vanguard of the new-business-paradigm thinking, the creation of better workplaces, and developing the emerging leaders.