tweaking digital habits that help you to embrace creativity

Have you ever noticed that you get the best ideas while you are taking showers or relaxing on the beach?

Yes! That’s True!

Creativity doesn’t come when you are busy updating your digital profiles, growing your network and making the most of the online hours.

It comes when you lock yourself in a room, dim the lights, go in deep thoughts and think for the idea.

That’s the time when your mind starts connecting the dots and come up with the thoughts that you haven’t wondered before.

The same happened to me.

The idea to blog about this topic comes when I was done with my tasks at the office and was celebrating my free time.

That’s when my mind clings with the idea to write on.

Back in the past, when there were no digital footprints, people used to be happy, focused on relationships. They knew how to make the most of the time and the best of all they were available.

But ever since the evolution of technology and the social life, the lives had gone the opposite.

Do you laugh when you see people writing on the Facebook walls the condolence messages as if the person will see it from the hereafter and will like or comment on your post?

It’s extreme stupidity.

I’m not saying that the social evolution is evil but the extremism of anything can slow poison without even letting us know.

So, if you’re spending 60% of your time on social media and not giving yourself a free treat, then it’s the time to think and act.

Social media has changed the way we live, sleep, interact and build our circle overall.

If still, you don’t tweak your digital habits then time is not far when the tech will be controlling you.

Here are few tips to log off from technology and embrace free hours to master productivity in your routine.

1) Multitasking never let the work complete before time but rather extends it

Imagine you’re working on a draft for some essay writing service and meanwhile, you’re checking your social accounts to see how much content engagement have you produced, music is active in the background and in the same timings you’re cluttering your workspace. Do you think you will come with an excellent draft as a result?


Because it will disrupt your productivity and won’t let you glean the best paper.

When you stay focused on a particular task, you achieve best results that you wouldn’t have imagined. You can take short breaks in between but multitasking is never preferred.

2) You can’t be present everywhere

You have your accounts on FB, Insta, Quora, Snapchat and myriad other platforms. But that doesn’t mean you have to be active all the time. Sometimes it’s OK to not like a certain post, answer a certain query and constantly check all the marketing emails diving in your inbox.

When you’ll keep yourself busy in the digital medium, you’ll not get the time to bore. And then, as a result, your mind will be tired to think of the ideas that work.

Boredom is a blessing; it’s the only time in which our mind starts thinking ‘What to do when you’re getting bored

I myself cut down my addiction to Facebook when one time I was chatting with my friend and my mother was getting bothered with it.

Even though she doesn’t say a word to me but I realized that it was getting on her nerves.

So, from that time whenever I log in Facebook I make sure I’m not compromising my family time to amuse my reel friends.

3) Turn off notifications & try checking it yourself

I once downloaded a game to play and when I was not logging in, it sends me the notifications with the answers to play. And I logged in immediately after that.

Facebook too send notifications that alert your senses and crave the feeling to check.

Similarly, we get plentiful marketing emails that we can go reading one by one and didn’t feel the time passing by.

There’s no doubt that technology has created wonders and simplify our lives, one wouldn’t have imagined like that.

But if we keep us engage 24/7 in the digital medium, we’ll soon be cut off from real life and will be left with DIGITAL only.

Digital happiness, Digital condolences, Digital sorrows, Digital gatherings, and a whole new digital world.

So, if you’re not prepared to welcome the digital world, then let’s minimize the digital activities and make this world a beautiful place to live with real emotions, real happiness, and real sorrows.

Let’s start from now

Complete this and act

From now onwards, I’ll only spent ___________ hours instead of _____________ on social media.

My resolution,

I’ll spend 5 hours on social media instead of 7.