Ladies, are you connected to your ‘Powerful Feminine’?

What do I mean by this?

‘Powerful’ means accessing your strength, standing in your power. ‘Feminine’ is about the ability to go in. It’s even in the word twice – ‘femIN-INe’. Therefore, ‘Powerful Feminine’ is about that delicious power inside you.

Allowing yourself to stand in your power might look different than you imagine. It’s letting yourself be seen, being fully yourself from a soft place, instead of the almost aggressive stance that might come to mind when you think of being powerful. The Powerful Feminine has a gentle yet strong edge, with the ability to be fierce if required. It’s the opposite of what we’ve heard about power, yet it’s the best way to thrive in life and business.

I feel anxious and resistant when I see women making themselves act aggressive in business. As with feminism, we’re often seen as crazy women who struggle to control ourselves, and our voices go unheard. We’re branded as ‘hysterical’ and told to ‘calm down’. 

As a woman, you need to feel safe to allow yourself to fully drop into the feminine. You can create a false sense of safety when you control and manipulate in business or life. Whereas when we’re in flow, everything aligns naturally rather than being forced because we trust our intuition, knowledge, and connection. You naturally create safety when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for what you need. Trust is probably the biggest issue – because you must trust that if you ask for what you need, you’ll be ok because it will come.

This is evident in the way we’re seen in business as well. I’ve often heard that women bosses can either be amazing or terrible. The terrible ones try to act like aggressive, forceful men, while the ones in their Powerful Feminine, truly in flow, are amazing and inspiring.

I know I have been very ‘masculine’ at times in my life, and I learnt this from a lady who worked high up in the corporate world. I tried to overanalyse, control, and micro-manage everything within an inch of its life. I eventually felt exhausted and was constantly irritated with others for failing to live up to my unrealistic standards, and it felt awful. I was miserable.

This miserable feeling motivated me to stop trying to be male and instead learn about Powerful Feminine energy and how it worked in business. And now, I am more successful, happy, in pleasure and at peace than I’ve ever been. I love everyone I work with, and I know they love how we work together – they always comment on how fun it is. We call it ‘play’, rather than work. Would you rather work or play?

To enter this feminine place, you must truly know yourself and your cycle. Once you can understand your rhythm in your cycle, you can use it to empower yourself in all areas. With this knowledge, you can tap into your fullest power. 

Feeling like you can stand and shine.  When you think of power, you might think of fighting or rising up against something – but it’s the opposite.

When you open, receive, and connect to your cycle, that is where your power lies, and there is nothing to fight. By connecting to your natural rhythm, you naturally shine and thrive. You still have boundaries and stand up for yourself, but the push no longer exists.

Start by learning your pace to begin accessing your power. Certain times of the month are for detailed work and rest, whilst other parts of the month are for connecting with others and going out. Knowing when to do what makes everything flow, so you can be fully yourself. And you start by embracing your cycle.

Your cycle is partly to do with your period and your rhythms through the month, but it’s also about learning your rhythm without a period because your cycle continues once you become menopausal. You also have a cycle if you’ve never had a period in your life. Take the time to discover your cycle – it’s an invaluable place of centre for yourself, and it’s often connected to the moon. Imagine aligning your life with your cycle and using the different parts of your cycle to get more connected, be more creative, and strengthen everything in your life and business.  This is when your light can shine the brightest, and you feel the best all the way through the month, living in flow from a place of pleasure and power.

This is when you allow yourself to be seen by showing yourself to the world. To be open and dare to share your vulnerability and follow your desires. This is you living as your fullest Powerful Feminine.