Human nature has taught us many things, yet most of them are wrong.  We grow up in a world that shapes us to believe who we are told we are. Only when we realize we are who we decide to be, is when our internal world really takes shape.

If you’re like me, I had to struggle before I realized that wasn’t who I am.  I had to learn the hard way that all of the years of being told I am this or that, isn’t who I am at all.  I didn’t like the version of me that was implied.  That version lived in a state of constant sadness and strife.  I began to wonder why I allowed this to be for so long.

Here I am, an adult with responsibilities and I’m living in a state of consciousness that didn’t thrive the way I felt I should.  I was existing, yet not living.

It wasn’t until my life felt as if it was slowing fading from my grasp (figuratively speaking), that I knew something massive had to change.  I began to learn how to change from the perception of who I was to who I truly am.  I began to look within, deeply and unapologetically, to understand what my heart was desperately trying to say.

I am not who I was told I am.  I am who I decide to be.  And no matter what age or stage of life you are in, you are in control of who you are and how you chose to live.

You are in control of your beliefs, your feelings, your emotions and your circumstances.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your life, you have the ability to change it.  You, and only you, can change your life.

My life was in chaos.  Most of which I invited in unknowingly.  I was lost in a sea of sadness, resentment and anger.  I showed a fa├žade of happiness and well thought out decisions that ultimately made me sink deeper into my own despair.  I was on the brink of self sabotage, sitting on the edge of destruction before I woke up.

Something had to change.  When I took control of who I am and began to understand my own mind, I knew that no amount of blame or resentment would lead me to where I was truly destined to be.  I could no longer be the person I was thought to be, I was to be amazing, not full of hate, not full of cruel words and unnecessary blame.  I am in control.

I can’t pinpoint the day that I woke, yet I can tell you that I spent months building the person that I am now.  I spent countless hours and shed millions of tears to realize that no one is to blame for the choices I’ve made or the circumstances of my life, I subconsciously chose it all.

Over time I have learned that this journey will never cease.  This is who I choose to be and the endless work to constantly build more positive habits and behaviors is who I want to be.  I am a beacon of light, a light that I never knew I am, yet am happy to embrace.

When you know deep within that your life is to be more than what your current circumstance is, you are the only person that can control that.

Our lives are surrounded by relationships, some good and some bad.  Nothing happens by chance.  We attract what we have based our thought patterns and beliefs on.

It took so long for me to realize that all of these things were at no fault to anyone else, yet the beliefs that I chose to carry with me.  And I chose to change it all.

I took control and made the necessary changes.  I made a lot of changes. And little by little the darkness (we all have darkness; it just depends how you allow it to exist within your life) began to fade to light.

Responsibility is key to existing.  If you want change in your life, you have to take the first steps to doing so.  Blame and resentment, boredom and anger serve no purpose but to hold you down in a state of who you were told you are, not who you truly are.

Begin to realize the difference.  Make the conscious effort to be YOU and live how you choose to live.

If you’ve never been told this, allow me to break the news: living in a constant state of anger, fear or sadness are surefire ways to continuously live life on someone else’s terms.

WHEN you decide that you are far too impoortant to live this way, because you will eventually, thats when everything begins to shift. Your life will begin to change with little effort.

The Law of Attraction steps in and brings all of the positivity that you’ve transformed into reality.  When you fill your heart with light and replace your old habits with better ones, you’ll not only see the difference, but you’ll feel it to your core.

When you embrace change, the things that you were afraid you couldn’t live without begin to fall away because they were never meant to be yours.  When you embrace who you truly are, the people that aren’t meant to grow with you will begin to fade away.  This is all okay!!  You are changing.  You are growing.  You are becoming your authentic self; and no other opinion matters more than yours.

Grow.  Thrive.  Allow yourself to become the absolute best YOU you can be!

THIS is why I do what I do. I’ve been on that side and I know many of you still are.  I knew my life was far too precious to continue that way and I was more concerned with making the change to create the life I desire, to be among healthy relationships and fulfill my dreams than to remain in a state of bored existence.

Some of my relationships faded away, while many others became stronger.  That’s how this works.  What’s meant to be yours (when you become who you need to be for you) will forever remain.  What’s not, will fade from you.

Its natural, its necessary and you are your first priority.