While new experiences and opportunities can be exciting for anyone, there is also an often unspoken hesitancy that comes along with them. We can find it difficult to accept these opportunities at face value, or even completely dismiss them out of hand. Psychologically, we have been trained by society to approach these too good to be true situations with outright skepticism. This skepticism is typically fueled by anxiety rooted in the past, whether it be from missed chances or the unexpected failures of yesterday. Given our inclination for doubt, it can become hard to believe that fortune would favorably strike us in reality. 

But, despite our uncertainty, when opportunities present themselves we should really be welcoming them with open arms. If we refuse to readily accept the blessings that come at us in life, how can we expect our circumstances to ever change, let alone improve? We have to embrace the future and the unexpected good that arrives in our life if we ever want to achieve the happiness that can be found in these times.

Below we’ll break down our advice for how to lose our inhibitions and be prepared for the good to come.

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  1. The first step in the journey is to understand that the past does not define the present. Yes, we should remember past lessons learned, but we should never let them impede us in our current endeavors. Instead, we need to take the knowledge and wisdom we’ve learned from our pasts and apply them to today’s opportunities. It’s okay to be cautious, but it’s never okay to let fear control our happiness.
  1. In my experience, some of us find comfort in planning the next step. If we’ve been given an opportunity that could potentially lead to a brighter future, we can still accept it without losing our sense. Many of us find laying out a game-plan for what awaits us tomorrow can relieve some of the lingering worries or concerns we may have. We don’t have to lose our consciousness in these situations, though we should be willing to simply consider the options in front of us.
  1. Often when we are actively denying a promising opportunity, it is due to a lack of self-confidence. When we lose that assurance in ourselves and our capabilities, we can miss out on all the positive experiences we have ahead. Insecurity will sow seeds of doubt about whether we can, or even deserve, the good that is presented to us. Anyone who has ever encountered this in their day-to-day life will know how debilitating the absence of self-confidence can be. Once we have regained our trust in ourselves, it is much easier to be open to whatever is to come.
  2. In order for any progress to be made, we have to ultimately recognize that good can happen in the world, specifically to us. It may not seem so sometimes but that doesn’t make it any less true. Once we have realized that we are worthy of these things and that the universe isn’t inherently against us, we are able to move forward into the opportunities awaiting us. Changing our thinking is the first milestone toward success of any kind.

The good won’t wait around forever, but it doesn’t matter if we are already resolved in the path we want to take. If we keep an open mind to what the future holds, there is nothing that can’t be won. Opportunities don’t have to be scary, if anything they should be something to eagerly anticipate. When we can reroute our brains from pessimism to hope, there is nothing that can’t be achieved.