Embracing Social Media as an Entrepreneur - Scott Cathcart

Operating a business is a multifaceted endeavor, and in the 21st century, having a strong online presence is essential for businesses and business owners alike. Entrepreneurs need to know the benefits and influence of a social media presence, and entrepreneurs should have a plan to embrace social media and make it a priority. 


Having a social media presence that boasts regular activity typically translates into more conversions with minimal effort. Every social media post has the potential to reach a new or returning customer, and growing your follower count naturally increases your audience, thereby boosting the amount of traffic you can receive and the potential for sales.


With more and more consumers turning to the Internet to do their shopping, putting your brand at the forefront is essential than ever. Entrepreneurs should prioritize having a functional and attractive website for their business and a consistent social media presence as well to increase awareness and exposure. The more people you reach with your posts, the better chance you have of securing conversions.


Marketing initiatives can be pricey, so the low cost of managing social media accounts is appealing, especially when it can be so effective. Even without purchasing social media ads, entrepreneurs will find that social media marketing efforts can be productive and engaging. Compared to more traditional marketing initiatives, social media ads are relatively affordable and can help entrepreneurs target the right audience down to demographics and location. 


Social media platforms are great places to expand your professional network, so embracing social media should be a priority for entrepreneurs beyond the marketing potential. Profiles like LinkedIn and Facebook offer opportunities to connect with individuals with similar interests and expertise; they also allow entrepreneurs to research their competition, observe their target audiences’ social media habits, and identify new tactics to appeal to their customers.

Social media is a gold mine for entrepreneurs, and failing to utilize it to its full potential can mean missed opportunities, reduced sales, and ineffective marketing efforts. Embracing social media should be something entrepreneurs are eager and willing to do because of its effectiveness and potential for business growth and success.