Where the WILD things are

As a teenager, this pandemic has been a true test of my abilities to embrace new routines and accept the uncertain state of things. Spending time away from old gatherings and ways of life, I have learned to embrace uncertainty by having conversations with myself.

In my most introspective moments, I find clarity through creation. By stroking paint on canvases or sketching dramatic faces, I find peace within a chaotic environment. This environment is nor physical or mental; it is a spiritual web of thoughts that align with my present and future identity.

My visual compositions reflect the id of a teenager exploring identity and the pursuits of freedom within a clouded world. By devoting hours every day to my craft, I felt myself growing as an individual and escaping the fears of a melancholy future. The blank canvas was and still is a domain of open opportunity and hope.

By creating art, I manifest a bright future that accepts present setbacks. Often, I draw figures representing people in my life and create alternate narratives to entertain myself. I use the canvas as a place to question my relationships and channel positive and negative energy.

Creation is a universal therapy

Creating something from scratch involves coordination and thought. When one is engulfed in overwhelming emotions or external forces, they may choose to redirect that energy into art. There have been times where I struggle with self-criticism and existential dread. Thankfully, painting and drawing slow down my thoughts and provide clarity.

“Healing Art is being born as we speak. The concept is catching fire, is awakening in people’s spirits…Artists, musicians and dancers are realizing their imagery has meaning….that their imagery heals them, others, their neighborhood, or the earth.”

Michael Samuels

Visual and Sonic compositions have a way of uniting and shifting people’s headspace. We are drawn to art that evokes emotion and questions our beliefs. While some art is polarizing, other pieces heal us and bring life to our spirits. In a time where the path ahead seems steep and narrow, creators must embrace creation and circumvent the inevitable doubts that may eventually arise.

If everything in life was planned, we would not seek discomfort or challenge ourselves. With uncertainty comes resilience and character development. Under pressure, people start having conversations, creating ideas, and exuding brilliance into the world.

Next time uncertainty presents itself in your life, consider speaking to yourself and seeking answers through creation. Pick up a pencil and draw your dreams, friends, or the surrounding environment. Create your own narrative and take control. Creation is a universal therapy.