Life in Wall Street is not for the faint-hearted.  Mainly, brokers that trade in high volume, to the tune of millions or billions of dollars every month. Emil Botvinnik achieved vast success in this hectic atmosphere. He was swift as a wolf when it came to making quick decisions with so much at stake. However, no matter how glamorous Emil’s life may seem, he did not have it easy. 

Emil began his career working for numerous brokerages, and rapidly ascended to become the top producer at each firm. He was so good at his job, that he made  over 1.5 billion dollars in equities a month. Such a task would skyrocket the heart rate of anyone! Soon, Emil moved further and went places. He ran offices with over 170 brokers. Trading in such massive volume alone can be chaotic and stressful but Emil did not back down from the challenges. 

While most of the people can’t handle the heat of Wall Street, Emil was built for this environment and flourished under pressure- he became a multi-millionaire at the tender age of 23. He shared that – “A  lot of my fellow brokers who I worked with at the first firm left the industry, they said the sleepless nights and around the clock tension were too much to handle. Adversity is not something everyone can handle, adversity was just another motivating factor for me”. He continued – “A lot of people ask me how I handled the enormous pressure when dealing with such large amounts of money, I always tell them the same thing- pressure only fuels my competitive fire”.

The fact that Emil did not buckle under pressure is a testament of his drive. Many would have given up in his place. But even at such a young age, he made it happen. His success made him a popular name in Wall Street, he even trained few actors in Hollywood for Wall Street related movies. But Emil did not stop at Wall Street, he used it as a launching pad to push his career, and climb the financial ladder. 

Emil later decided to move into a different section of the financial space. He started applying his business acumen to achieve sustained success in private equity. Emil is now a partner in a private equity group which holds stakes in various holdings throughout the world. If most people attain prosperity in their respective field, they try to milk the cow dry. They exhaust their options, but Emil moved away from Wall Street at the right time to try something new.  He also co-founded a merchant funding company that closed 2019 with over 1 billion dollars funded. Even though Emil was put in a challenging environment, he did not quit or complain. He used the adversity to rise above and thrive.