Emily Dawn is a Business Goal Coach helping female online service providers grow their businesses and create lives they love living. Emily got her start in business as an in-studio Pilates Instructor, however, a move abroad forced her to take her business online. From here, she invested a great deal of time and money into learning the skills and strategies needed to build a successful online business. 

While business was good, her journey away from the studio and onto the internet brought a newfound passion for online business strategy. This was when she started helping female entrepreneurs with their business struggles for free, which earned her considerable credibility before she’d even decided to coach. Before long, Emily shut up shop as a Pilates Instructor and began business coaching full-time. 

Now, she helps her clients scale their businesses to 6 figures or more, with the help of the 3T Method (target, transform, thrive) she pioneered and the mastermind group she leads; The Women’s 6-Figure Business Mastermind. 

The Women’s 6-Figure Business Mastermind is an immersive, six-month program complete with weekly coaching calls and full, instant access to a training vault chock full of valuable, actionable content to help build, grow and scale an online, service-based business. 

This content covers everything from building your tribe (and loading it with your ideal clients), creating an offer they can’t turn down, and selling that offer. It’s also loaded with resources on productivity, time management, and accomplishing more with less work – while still moving the needle towards your goals. 

Now, this content isn’t the same generic information you just Google and find. Instead, it’s been stripped to its bare bones, leaving only whats’s been proven to work. Jargon and anything ineffective has been removed. 

And while the Women’s 6-Figure Business Mastermind includes weekly coaching calls, it also includes monthly lifestyle calls. These cover mental and physical health and how to improve them because they’re paramount for attaining (and enjoying) success in any field. 

Speaking of success, reaching it without balance will only come back to bite you – likely in the form of burnout or chronic fatigue. Yes, reaching your goals takes work, but you don’t have to “hustle”; it’s about working smart, too. Focus on the main activities moving your business forward and go all-in on them, giving you more time for what’s most important…friends, family, trips out, and the rest. 

You see, whether you’re building an empire or starting a boutique agency, work-life balance is essential for maintaining motivation, energy, and sanity. 

Now, when it comes to working towards your goals, Emily’s 3T Method can help you – and it doesn’t just apply to business goals but life goals, too. 

The 3T’s are three consecutive steps for reaching those goals:

  1. Target – this means getting super clear on your goals. What do you want? Why? How will you achieve it? The more clarity you have, the easier you’ll find reaching your goals. 
  1. Transform – saying you want to achieve your goals is one thing, but putting pen to paper and working for the results is another. There’s only so much dreaming you can do until you have to act. 
  1. Thrive – this is about maintaining momentum after achieving your goal. Sure, celebrate your success, but coasting off for too long can lead to plateauing, which can wreak havoc on the hard work you’ve already put in. Thriving will help you power towards your next milestone. 

This, combined with the Women’s 6-Figure Business Mastermind will not only help you reach your goals but uncover the necessary skills and resources for building a successful online service-based business, fit to reach six figures and beyond. 

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