I was recently talking to two girlfriends regarding a new ‘Netflix’ TV series, creating the perfect marriage and/or conjoined union between ‘Sex & The City,’ ‘The Hills,’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ meets ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘Midnight In Paris,’ debuting, ‘Emily In Paris.’

The primary job of a ‘Social Media Influencer’ and/or a ‘Brand Ambassador’ is to openly promote, represent and knowledgeably market seasonally trending, expensively high end, VIP designer retail products that they believe in with the extra added convenience and the notable recognition of defiantly serving, French native speaking publicity companies. 

Happily seeing myself within the distinctly rewarding presence and the dominating, centric role of Lily Collins’ fashionable character (minus the necessarily needed, sophisticated style sense) chemistry runs plentifully apparent. Definition reigns in the swiftly common form of a young adult millennial, in the romantically picturesque, culturally, world renowned, beloved, ‘City of Lights!’

‘Opportunities are a dime a dozen,’ significantly detailing personal tours of ‘happily ever after,’ through the lens of an old school camera.

Healthily sharing a uniquely strong power of realism and authenticity is always the key and the experiential guidance to a richly successful, consistently growing, transparent, trustworthy partnership.

A curation of great independence and skill candidly teaches the freely understood combination of functional career flexibility. Confidence is an additionally qualified leader, often providing thoughtfully provoking examples throughout an interchangeable, extended process.

Welcoming intuition conceives a respectable relationship between employer and employee, at the same time of individually blossoming, developing connections. In Emily’s case, the meeting of immediately nearby, surrounding friends in a carefully preplanned, slow, step by step journey, following the accuracy of rules. The same goes for the self described, celebratory, inviting, locale friendly, out of town adventures, as if seamlessly, carelessly, and yet, readily, anxiously mixing business with pleasure.