I set to work narrowing down the whole wide world to just five destinations from which they could choose.

Miami, USA

  • A highly popular coastal vacation spot with a great climate, Miami offers a broad range of attractions and is full of discounts for seniors.  

Accommodation: Atton Brickwell Miami Hotel (for nearby attractions including the Bayside Marketplace and a spectacular pool), The Biltmore Hotel (for golf enthusiasts) and Hyatt hotels in a few Miami locations, all offer AARP discounts of about 25-50% for senior citizens aged 62 and over.

Food: What is typical Floridian food?  Well, one breakfast or snack item is the cafe con leche and grilled bread. This is basically a café latte (but with Cuban beans, intense espresso and lots of sugar) served with Cuban bread that can be dunked in the coffee.  This is locally served at David’s Café.  For more of a dinner type food, there is Churrasco (grilled, marinated skirt stake in chimichurri) which can be found at Lagniappe, Aromas del Peru, and Leynia, among other places.

Transportation:Miami’s bus and rail services are inexpensive and fairly easy to navigate. Check out the official Miami.com page on public transportation around Miami.