Emma Raducanu has created history by being the first qualifier to win a major championship in tennis. The best part is she had to win 3 qualifying matches before even being considered for the main draw and they had already booked a return flight back a couple of weeks back before the championship started. It is also super cool that she won all 10 matches without losing a set. This is unfathomable to say the least and it shows how a champion is born through steadfastly holding on to her dream despite the odds. When she was asked what the key to her success was she said it was her mindset. I want to take a deeper look at how we can develop a winning mindset.

Mindset is something we all associate with sports and we know a lot of athletes who are at the top of their game have a great mindset like Emma. Another thing we have heard a lot is the growth mindset and fixed mindset by Carol Dweck. Point is to have a growth mindset where you always believe that you can learn anything new and you are open to new challenges.

If you have a great mindset you can overcome setbacks much easier. Here I have expanded each letter of the mindset below. I wanted to expand on the topic of mindset after Emma’s extraordinary achievement. Here are 7 simple ways to bulletproof your mindset. Again this has to be done consistently to get benefits.

Mind – What goes into your mind is what comes out. The point is to always feed your mind with positive books, positive podcasts, positive audio books and positive people. If you do this on a consistent basis you will be happier, calmer and your mind will serve you better. The key is we need to evaluate before we do anything if this will help us or hurt us. So be careful about the input to your mind as it makes a huge difference.

Inspiration – Another way to take care of your mindset is to keep yourself inspired. Always look at the big picture of your life. Look at your mission statement often, think of your long term goals often, appreciate how far you have come and stay around inspiration. You just feel great when you are inspired and again it is our responsibility to be inspired. It also helps to see champions like Emma overcome enormous odds to win and keeps us inspired.

Never say die –Make a determination in advance that you will never give up. This is one of the best ways to take care of your mindset. Stay focused on your long term vision and always keep that in the forefront when you encounter any short term setbacks. Read inspirational stories on great leaders who have overcome enormous setbacks. For me reading about Nelson Mandela always gives me hope.

Desire – Desire is the fuel you need for your mind to function at its peak. If your desire is burning and it is strong nothing can stop you. So make sure your dreams are vivid and detailed. Make sure your desires are your own and keep fueling that desire on a daily basis.

Success – A cool way to keep your mindset in top shape is to define what success looks like to you. If you don’t compare yourself with others you will understand that your victories are dependent only on what you want out of your life. It doesn’t depend on public approval. The only approval that matters is the person in the mirror. If that person is happy then you are successful and you will be a happier person.

Exercise – This is one of the best ways to take care of your mindset. I do a 1 hour aerobic workout daily and follow-up with some weights on a few days. The feeling you get after that is just amazing and also the ideas you get after a workout. Find a way to put exercise in your schedule and your mind will thank you for it. Of course scientifically it has also been proven it enlarges the brain and increases your learning capacity.

Teachability – This can also be called humility. When you are teachable you understand that there are always people who have done better than you. There are masters out there whom we can all learn from. We should always think like a beginner. Once you have an open mind to learning you feel a lot more thoughtful and learn much more.

There you have it the 7 ways to bulletproof your mindset. These are simple ways we can keep ourselves at the top of our game. I wish Emma wins more championships and keeps inspiring everyone to dream bigger propelling them to greater success.

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