Emmanuel Almonor or Manny Mclaren, which is his social media alter ego is a very committed young man who turned into a successful entrepreneur. As a teenager, he started working at various clothing stores for a minimum wage, before landing his first ‘real’ job at a local AT&T store in Florida. As he quickly turned out to have a natural flair for sales, Emmanuel got promoted to store manager and turned a relatively low performing store into a huge success. He learned a whole lot about running a business during his time at AT&T, and as he gathered the knowledge, experience, and confidence, he decided it was time to move on and he opened his first business. 

Today, Emmanuel is the proud owner of 9 tax offices in Florida. He has also established some daycare businesses, Amazon stores, and real estate offices. But his true passion is his music label Omega Music Marketing, which allows him to work with various major artists. His goal is “to bring everyone together and bring the music scene to central Florida that is needed.”

Emmanuel Almonor’s obstacles to success

“Nothing in life is ever easy; you will always have your ups and downs,” says Emmanuel. One of the challenges on his way to reaching your goals was finding the right amount of caution on one hand and trustfulness on the other. “Even though you might have good intentions everyone does not,” he adds. He warns that some people will always try to deceive you. “I’ve lost a lot of money on bad investments that looked good,” he shares and advises aspiring entrepreneurs to get everything contracted and secured. 

Another lesson Emmanuel has learned is not trying to do everything at once. “Try one thing and perfect it before you move to the next. I’ve had fails in some businesses because I would try to do too much and end up not giving a business by 100% when it needed it.”

Top 5 tips and the key to success

Emmanuel has learned a lot of lessons on his way to success and to everyone who is embarking on a similar journey, he advises to:

1) Save money

2) Meet people

3) Learn from mistakes

4) Wait for the right opportunity

5) Put in 100% 

He is certain that the key to success lies inconsistency. “Go hard for what you want and don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. If you sit around wondering, it’ll never happen. You gotta go get it!”

Social media marketing

Emmanuel believes that social media is crucial in this era. Nowadays, having an online presence is a must if you want to get to the next level, as, according to Emmanuel Almonor (AKA Manny Mclaren), people want to know exactly who you are and what you’re doing. 

What makes someone a good leader?

First of all, “a leader must know when he has to be a follower,” according to Emmanuel. He thinks that sometimes ‘being a good leader’ requires taking a step back and learning how to correctly move forward.

He also emphasizes the importance of time management and planning. “You have to use your time wisely and plan your next step.”

In addition, he is certain that setting short term and long term goals also play a major part in succeeding, as accomplishing your daily goals will drive you to accomplish your yearly goals. 

Cultivating business relationships

When it comes to attempting to cultivate new business relationships, Almonor advises being genuine and authentic. “Some people, especially bigger business connections, can see right through someone that isn’t about their business. Make sure you are transparent.”