For so long, entrepreneurs have downplayed the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ). However, times are changing, and the effect can be felt in how companies run. More and more entrepreneurs realize how emotional intelligence affects the success of companies. It is also important to note that women have been linked to having more emotional intelligence than men.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your feelings while at the same time understanding the feelings of those around you. This ability could set apart the best employees in a workplace.

Studies suggest that most managers prefer hiring individuals with high emotional intelligence rather than high IQ. Individuals with high emotional intelligence are more solution-focused, calm, creative, and successful in business. High emotional intelligence is linked with being empathetic and skilled with handling emotions.

Here is why emotional intelligence could be the secret to scaling your business.

Promoting Teamwork

People with high emotional intelligence make better team members. This is because they are good at working together. They are generally better at communication, listening to other people’s suggestions, maintaining trust, and staying positive. With those qualities, a team is set for success at a fast rate.                                                                                                                         

Handling Change

Change is part of life. However, some people have problems accepting changing situations. This requires high emotional intelligence. Individuals with higher emotional intelligence are more likely to allow change or innovations in the workplace. Also, they can better manage issues like anxiety and stress. They can quickly turn stressful situations into opportunities for the business.


Individuals with high emotional intelligence are naturally self-motivated. They are more inclined to pursue goals for self-development and self-gratification rather than for money or a title. That means that they could achieve much more than a person doing it for external praise and a higher paycheck. High emotional intelligence gives you internal motivation to achieve your goals.                                                                                                                                      

Communication and People Skills

People with high emotional intelligence easily connect to others emotionally and can communicate images to others better. They can express themselves by making effective communication. It is also easier to influence other people’s behavior. That promotes a peaceful workplace, fueling rapid success.

Emotional intelligence helps in building trust and respect. This means that having a higher emotional intelligence will make you better at managing relationships and networking. People with high emotional intelligence will avoid things like deceit and power struggles in an organization. They make genuine friends, and this can help the growth of our company.

Good Leadership

Good leadership skills are essential for the success of any business. High emotional intelligence gives you the ability to self-control emotionally and mentally while influencing other team members positively. This goes a long way in making management efficient and moving toward the same goal.

How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

If you feel you need some more emotional intelligence, there are a few things you can do to achieve that:

  • Talk about your feelings. Many people view this as a sign of weakness. On the contrary, communicating about things that upset you calmly and in a non-threatening way could help. This way, you can solve many disputes while avoiding recurrence in the times that follow.
  • Reflect on criticism. It might always feel good when you get criticized. But there is a way to gain from it. When it happens, try to look for a way you can draw and improve from it.
  • Listen. By listening to the opinions of others, you can better understand their emotions and needs. This way, you can come up with better solutions to problems facing your organization.
  • Try to view things from other people’s perspectives. Doing this can help you become more empathetic. It is always a good idea to consider other individual’s motivations and needs. 
  • Body language. Understanding body language is an excellent way to understand other people’s messages and emotions. A lot of the communication between people happens non-verbally.

Take Away

To run a successful business, you need to have a high emotional intelligence. It would help if you also had a team of individuals with high emotional intelligence. That way, you will have good leaders, employees that stay calm under pressure, and empathetic coworkers. All these qualities combined are a recipe for your company’s success.